The last time Chicago had this much fun on a Monday night was…2013.

Of course, that was when the Toews/Kane Blackhawks won Stanley Cup number two – another Monday night Game 6.

But this one was a little different.

2013’s Game 6 was played in Boston (same with 2010 in Philadelphia), which led to a substantial degree of pregame pessimism that the Hawks would lose in Boston and come home for Game 7.

Here in 2015, the Blackhawks finally got the chance to clinch a Cup at home and Chicago was ready to celebrate long before the final horn at the United Center went off. When it did, the franchise sealed their status as a modern day NHL dynasty.

And from the players partying late at the Madhouse to the Clark Street block party in Wrigleyville all the way out to Joel Quenneville’s house in the suburbs, Blackhawks nation went bonkers.

The below videos, photos and overall tomfoolery are a rather comprehensive representation of last night’s Blackhawks shindig. Until next April.

The Finest Blackhawks Stanley Cup Celebrations

After a Game 6 shutout, he can say whatever the hell he wants. Generally taken for granted, Corey Crawford now has a damn good argument for “greatest Blackhawks goalie ever.”

Jonathan Toews passes the Stanley Cup to Kimmo Timonen

This is why Jonathan Toews is the goddamn man. This is why Jonathan Toews is the best captain in the NHL. This is why Chicago loves Jonathan Toews.

While elated Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz got some face time, Andrew Shaw casually sneaks behind him with 8 (9?) cold Bud Lights for the on-ice party. Surprising he didn’t have the rookie Teuvo Teravainen do it instead.

Little kid nails the Stone Cold Steve Austin

Absolutely epic. These are the type of shenanigans that happen when a team wins three Cups in six seasons. If there’s one moment that sums up all the Blackhawks Stanley Cup celebrations from last night, it’s young Mick destroying the Stone Cold routine.

Joel Quenneville’s house getting TP’d

Dear Coach Q- We have it on good authority the tradition continues: Your house has been TP’d! #BecauseItsTheCup

A photo posted by ABC 7 Chicago (@abc7chicago) on

Hinsdale, where the legend they call ‘Q’ resides, has basically become Wrigleyville West for these quasi-annual Blackhawks Cup celebrations. Our sources haven’t confirmed if 2015’s toilet paper volume passed those of 2013 and 2010.

Clark Street in Wrigleyville.

Uh, so what’s Clark Street going to look like when the Cubs win a World Series?

“The Blackhawks got black people loving hockey.”

Drops the mic.