I don’t watch The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore a lot, but I’ve seen a few random episodes. From those few I have the general opinion that Larry Wilmore is pretty funny and that the show is as well.

Like most talk shows, it’s mostly centered around the host (Larry Wilmore) and guests (whoever the hell he wants). The Nightly Show is a little different, however, in that it has a panel discussion rather than a singular guest.

The panel for Tuesday night’s episode was naturally focused on the news of water being found on Mars, or what’s now known as #TheMarsAnnouncement. And when you’re going to talk about anything science, you’re obviously going to bring Bill Nye onto the show.

Good decision by The Nightly Show. However, the decision to have comedians Ricky Velez and Michelle Buteau join Bill as the people-from-Earth-who-don’t-give-a-shit-about-Mars was a bad one.

While you should watch the full 6:49, the point becomes pretty clear by the third minute. Velez and Buteau – either on purpose for the sake of the ‘bit’ or without knowing at all – are acting like complete shitheads and not letting Bill Nye talk.

If it wasn’t already established, this Nightly Show clip reaffirms that Bill Nye is the man. On top of knowing science more than anyone, he’s apparently funny as hell.

But Ricky Velez and Michelle Buteau are too busy making jokes about sex tapes and first world problems. Hilarious.

Like a YouTube commenter said:

Bill Nye had better jokes than those two unimportant “comedians”


Welcome to the nightly show panel where ignorant assholes shout at a scientist.

Those two panelists must honestly be the stupidest people on earth. This video is extremely depressing.

It’s like Bill was wasting his time…

Again, maybe Velez and Buteau were acting like shitheads for the sake of the bit – but if so, they did a shitty job. Either way, the clip sucks and it’s bullshit.

I think the current 4,000+ thumbs down votes vs. 300+ thumbs up votes ratio (kinda bad for a Comedy Central video) would agree.