It’s Tom Izzo’s world, we’re all just living in it. Well, at least for one month of the year.

Izzo and Michigan State won their third game of the 2015 NCAA Tournament last night, coming back and outlasting the Oklahoma Sooners to move on to the Elite Eight. Once again, MSU navigated a tough non-conference schedule and the physical Big Ten to get hot at the best time of the year.

By beating the Sooners, Tom Izzo has led his Spartans to the Elite Eight nine times in 18 seasons. Nine times.

Using standard second-grade math, that means Sparty has averaged a trip to the Elite Eight every other year since 1998. If you weren’t sure, that’s ridiculous. At this point, it’s hard to praise the dude enough.

UPDATE: Michigan State is heading to their 7th Final Four under Izzo, three of which have come as a 5-seed or lower. All the better. 

And that’s the best part: Izzo doesn’t want the praise. He always gives his players the credit. His sideline demeanor reflects as much: never complacent, grateful for every possession and every big win.

So if you ever see Tom Izzo dancing in any fashion, it’s obviously a rare treat. And that’s why this Vine is absolute gold.

Vintage Jay-Z plus Tom Izzo on a ladder (the guy has cut plenty of nets in his day) wearing shades and a jumpsuit. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Happy March.

(Izzo photo from Flickr/Sean K. Harp)