Parks and Recreation concluded its final season a couple weeks ago, and die-hard fans across the world have keeled over in dismay at the thought of life without Perd Hapley and company.

How will we ever survive without our dear old friend and councilwoman Leslie Knope and her team of nit-wit government employees?

With this in-depth infographic documenting Pawnee, Indiana by the numbers of course!

Some of the highlights include favorite side characters (like Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, Joan Callamezzo nad Shauna Malwae-Tweep), the ten best Pawneean names (like Devin L. Tourguide or Florence Anne Machine), Andy’s band names (Mouse Rat, Penis Pendulum, Everything Rhymes With Orange) as well as noteworthy SNL alumni who guest starred on the series (Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg, Will Forte).

The Vanity Fair infographic also features an obsessive record-keeping journal that even Leslie Knope would approve of. The numbers game includes (but is not limited to):

Number of town meetings full of idiots and crackpots.

References to Pawnee’s raccoon problems.

Number of times Leslie eats or mentions waffles.

How many times Ron’s mustache is modified.

How many times Ron eats or mentions bacon.

Li’l Sebastian appears or is mentioned.

Eagleton is mentioned.

Overt references to Ron’s mustache.

Burt Macklin appears or is mentioned.

Chris Traeger says literally.

Leslie expresses a desire to be President one day.

Obesity of Pawnee’s citizens is mentioned.

Check out the full infographic below. Then after you’re done reading through it, re-watch all 125 episodes back-to-back.

For the memories.

Parks and Recreation

Infographic Credit: Vanity Fair