Seriously, this needs to end. MLB All-Star Game fan voting is cute and fun because it allows fans to interact and engage with the sport, but the enthusiasm of Kansas City Royals fans has taken it way too far now.

Listen, I’m all for supporting your team. I’m all for flashing the pride you have in your colors but at some point you need to show a realistic sense of common fucking sense.

I mean, how does Eric Hosmer start over Miguel Cabrera? Or Kendrys Morales over Nelson Cruz, who’s probably the AL MVP right now?

And don’t even get me started on Omar Infante. That guy is taking an All-Star start from either Jose Altuve or Jason Kipnis, the latter of whom is hitting .335 with 83 hits. Currently, Infante has the lowest OPS (on base + slugging %) of any qualified hitter in all of baseballRoyals

Seriously, Omar Infante could be the Cubs’ starting second baseman and I wouldn’t cast a single vote for him. That’s like the equivalent of voting Chris Conte to a Pro Bowl.

You just don’t do it.

This doesn’t go without saying that most of these guys should and will make the AL All Star team. Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Morales and even Alex Gordon are having good seasons, but there is honestly no justification for a starting nod because Kansas City fans have enough free time in their day to vote 35 times for every email address they feel like creating. Or because baseball hasn’t been this cool in Kansas City like ever.

I get it, this is the system that’s in place so this season we have to live with the storm of Royal blue that has invaded the voting booths. But for future reference, Omar Infante being an All-Star starter is everything that’s wrong with MLB fan voting. And every indicator that it’s probably time to change the system a la the Reds catastrophe in 1957.

P.S., that Cincinnati Reds team was eons better than this year’s Royals team.

The Kansas City Royals are a good baseball team with good baseball players, but clearly their fans aren’t acting like they’ve been there before. Your move, MLB.