Tom from MySpace was always a very mysterious character. Despite being the first friend everyone had on MySpace, Tom’s profile picture never changed, and no one really knew anything about him.

Well, today, Tom Anderson (better known as Myspace Tom) is 44 years old and has completely wiped his hands clean of social media. That’s right, everyone’s favorite social media mogul of the early 2000s no longer associates with the industry.

Here’s why.

After a trip to The Burning Man festival in 2011, Tom had a revelation. His revelation included washing himself clean of the growing world of social media and falling deeply in love with the art of photography.

Since then, Tom has taken up the art full time, traveling the world to take photographs – specifically landscape pictures in the Thailand and Myanmar necks of the world.

This should come as no surprise seeing as Tom’s infamous profile picture resembles that of a man tripping acid in his grandmother’s basement (which assumedly started MySpace).

A few trips to Burning Man later and now he’s shooting pictures in Myanmar.


Back in the day, Tom from MySpace guest DJ’d with DJ Raul Campos on KCRW Radio as part of their Guest DJ Project. Tom brought in a “diversified” mix of songs. He fashions himself a lover of mainstream pop and certainly didn’t hide it when he DJ’d.

From essentially breaking ground on one of the most innovative trends of our generation, Tom from MySpace has left the shackles of the Internet to the digital slaves (aka Millennial’s).

Aside from his rapid swing across the spectrum, Tom actually proved that while his music may be mainstream, his lifestyle is anything but.

(Featured Photo courtesy of a Google Search)