The Chicago Bulls (8-3) are coming off of an ass-kicking over the Los Angeles Clippers. After handling the Clip-show at the Staples Center on Monday night, Tom Thibodeau’s squad is officially 6-0 on the road this season – the best away record in the NBA.

So as they should, the team is having some fun right now.

Naturally, they were in high spirits as they traveled to Sacramento for their showdown against the Kings on TNT tomorrow night.

Veteran big-man, Nazr Mohammed, decided to take a team photo on the bus earlier this afternoon. And thanks to Tony Snell, we can’t help but think it looks more like an awkward family photo than a team portrait.

For whatever reason, Tony Snell didn’t get the “say cheese” memo – as evident from his glaring indifference.

Maybe Tony Snell likes to sleep with his eyes open, or maybe he’s listening to a really intense book on tape.

In other news, Joakim Noah wins the day with a standard double hang-loose; and goofy dad Mike Dunleavy gets a close second thanks to his open mouth look. Nice job, guys.
As for Tony Snell, lighten up man.

As for Tony Snell, lighten up man.

(h/t Blog a Bull)