We all want to travel the world at some point.

If it’s not on your bucket list then chances are you live a sad, solitary, hermit-crab existence. However, I probably shouldn’t hate on hermit-crabs, since they didn’t choose to live under the sea. Just like we didn’t choose our lives as humans above the sea. Although I think we all know the answer to that decision.


Unfortunately, we’re human. And being human means that traveling the world costs tons of dollars, pounds, shillings, what have you. So having a hobby like photography to pay the bills as you travel the world doesn’t hurt. Hermit-crabs don’t have to pay to travel, but they also can’t shoot photography. I don’t think.

Photography can transport us to places, moments, and cultures that we might not be able to experience otherwise. It provides a small window into a whole different way of living.

Tel Aviv and New York-based photographer Atalia Katz makes it her business to capture human moments all around the globe. Her ability to encapsulate raw emotion through the lens of an innocent bystander sets her work apart through its wholesome universality.

So instead of dropping bills you don’t have on a safari through South Africa, take a free trip through the adventurous perspective of Atalia Katz and the crazy life she loves to live.

Below is some of Katz’s finest work. Be sure to journey through the rest of her beautiful photography.








(Photos courtesy of Atalia Katz)