According to the landing page on the Tribune Company’s website, they’re on the move. And according to the background video on their landing page (below right), New York City is a possible destination.

Or maybe, somebody at the Tribune Company (or somebody they hired) wasn’t paying attention to detail. And for a company founded upon news, the irony speaks for itself.

As you may know, Tribune Publishing Company and Tribune Media Company are both headquartered in Chicago. According to this convoluted statement released in correlation with the move this past August, the Tribune Company’s business model is now officially too confusing to understand.

“Tribune Media Company (OTC:TRBAA) announced that it has completed its spin-off today of Tribune Publishing Company. Tribune Publishing Company has now been separated from Tribune Media Company.”  – Tribune Media

Okay, here’s a summary. The Chicago Daily Tribune was established, in Chicago, in 1847. In 1861, they made it the Tribune Company. And just this past August, the Tribune Company split into two companies, Tribune Media Company and Tribune Publishing Company.

You have no idea how long it took us to summarize that.

Tribune Media Company is defined as “home to a diverse portfolio of television and digital properties driven by quality news, entertainment and sports programming.” The Tribune Publishing Company, on the other hand, is a “diversified media and marketing solutions company that delivers innovative experiences for audiences and advertisers across all platforms.”

We have no idea what the difference is.

All we know is that the Tribune Company, founded and headquartered in Chicago, used a time-lapse of New York City as the background of their website’s new landing page.

Need proof? Watch the video below (and read this post from the guy who made the time-lapse).

If you need even more proof than that, look at a picture of a New York license plate and compare it to the license plates in the video.

But wait. Didn’t the Tribune Company make an announcement regarding rolling out brands nationwide by year’s end? Yes, they are – eight of them, none of which are based out of New York City.

Still not convinced? We dove into the archives and found The Chicago Tribune’s “Statement of Principles” on their website.

Included in the mission:

  1. “The Chicago Tribune is a citizen of Chicago, a newspaper committed to inform and lead public opinion, to foster commerce and industry, and to furnish that vital check upon government which no constitution can.”

  2. “The editorial page has four essential roles: to serve as a check on the power of government, to set an agenda for the Chicago region and the nation, to make persuasive arguments for the enactment of that agenda, and to inform and guide its readers so they can make better decisions.”

  3. “The Tribune was forged by and vigorously embraces the great diversity of people and perspectives in its community. It is dedicated to the well being and prosperity of Chicago and stands with this city and its people.

Whether this is just a mindless error, a dismal lack of attention to detail, or the foreshadowing of a much larger business announcement – the Tribune Company (established and headquartered in Chicago) is using a time-lapse of New York City as the background of their website.

For a company committed to Midwestern values and concerns, a company dedicated to the well being and prosperity of Chicago, a company that will stand with this city and its people for better or for worse – something doesn’t add up.

So much for media transparency.