We all know the Oregon Ducks love to look good.

With Nike founder Phil Knight being an Oregon alum, the Ducks bust out a new uniform just about every week these days.

So naturally, on the biggest day for the program since losing the national championship four years ago, you know Oregon would be rocking something crazy.

Matte helmets are all the rage these days, and the Ducks know that better than anybody. And for the Rose Bowl matchup vs Florida State, they’re going with the matte kelly green lids- which are as sexy as they sound.

Those facemasks though. There’s something about helmets being the same color all the way through the facemask, and even more so with the matte.

After that, all you need is a big ole’ yellow O and the old-school Donald Duck-like emblemĀ above the facemask. That’s of course a signature from the mid-90’s Duck threads, which is also where the kelly green color was born.

And from the Mighty Ducks to Oregon’s matte helmets in today’s Rose Bowl semifinal, I think we can all agree that kelly green is the shit. And when they kill it again, we’ll be sharing that sentiment even harder.

Quack quack.