The hottest team in Seattle sports right now is obviously the Seahawks.

If and when the free world moves on from the dumbest story of 2015 – Deflate-Gate – Pete Carroll and the Seabirds will take on the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl matchup for the ages next Sunday.

But Seattle’s other pro sports team, the Seattle Mariners, made some noise themselves on Friday.

After pushing for a wild card berth in 2014, Seattle’s baseball team wants to keep the momentum rolling and make the playoffs this season. And if you want to be a playoff team, you have to look like one first.

Thus, the Mariners announced they were getting new uniforms for 2015. Even better, it’s a two-course deal- with Seattle revamping their current threads and adding a ‘Sunday Home alternate’ to the rotation.

UniWatch Mariners

The change is subtle, but it’s nice. Instead of the silver trim virtually blending in with the white jersey, the new Mariners uniforms switched the silver with the teal trim.

Now, the navy lettering is much more defined and visible. The silver isn’t completely worthless anymore. And the teal would have worked in both spots, but this combination is world better for the complete look.

But let’s be honest, if all the Mariners did was switch around some trim and piping we wouldn’t be posting about it. The real prize came in the new alternate uni.

If you were wondering, you’re goddamn right that’s a cream-colored jersey. The alternate uni, which will be worn on Sunday home games, is a nod to the late 80’s Mariners jerseys- which in my opinion have to be their best.

The royal blue and yellow combo is timeless, and those hats instantly become one of the MLB’s top lids. I guarantee pro shops all around Seattle will be running out rather quickly.

The Mariners’ current teal and navy, Pacific Northwest-themed color scheme is solid, but nothing tops the royal blue and gold. I’m pretty sure most M’s fans would be cool with those as the full-time unis.

Everybody loves going back to the future.