Hello, and welcome back to Cottonmouth Sports.

After our last episode at the Blackhawks Parade, we were feeling a little adventurous. So, a few weeks ago, some of the crew took a quick trip up to Milwaukee (pronounced Mill-walk-E) for the renowned Summerfest Music Festival. Luckily, we only got about 10 miles on 90/94W before thinking it’d be a good idea to bring the cameras with.

After Peter was blessed enough to hang with Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones on Summerfest’s opening night, the team enjoyed performances by Kaskade, Bastille, Public Enemy and more.

In between watching music, Peter set out to explore the mysterious streets and sights of the Beer City while awaiting the arrival of his co-host Keegan – who somehow fucked up the 90-minute drive.

GPS trouble aside, we were confused. What exactly is Milwaukee?

Is it a city or a town?

Should it just be an extension of Chicago?

Why isn’t there a hockey team?

It doesn’t seem to have a true purpose. As you’ll see below, the parking lot at Milwaukee’s baseball structure was probably the most interesting thing about it.

The Brewers may suck, but Miller Park turned out to be a decent makeshift Cottonmouth studio.

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