The headline is not misleading.

Some extremely rich and also extremely drunk dude crashed his car into Grant Park. The crash itself was not caught on video, but the driver’s successful attempt was filmed.

According to the video’s poster on reddit, the accident occurred near the new skate park near Balbo Avenue. Of course, the greatest part of the entire video is when the spectators yell “too low bro, too low” at the clearly inebriated driver.

Here’s a look at the video. You truly have to see it to believe it.

An estimate of where the accident occurred.

An estimate of where the accident occurred.

When this drunk-ass millionaire (or billionaire maybe) floors it over the curb and back onto the place where cars belong (the road), he was leaking fluids as he drove off.

“he hopped the curb and drove away although the car was leaking fluids like crazy so i don’t assume he made it far” – chiefthereef

If my mom didn’t read my blogs, I’d make a joke about his car blowing up on Lakeshore Drive and everybody secretly being happy about it. But I won’t, because that wouldn’t be very nice.

Anywho, God bless America. Seriously, I really hope that God is blessing America right now, because this is why our country is fucked.

Not because people drive drunk. Not because we’re sourcing our stories some dude with the username ‘chiefthereef,’ or because some guy ruined his Lamborghini into the one of Chicago’s most cherished landscapes.

America is fucked because the people with all its money are the same ones crashing their cars into public parks and getting away with it.