It’s official. The future is totally here. First someone created a Back to the Future style hoverboard in the real life.

And now, Viktoria Modesta has become our very first bionic pop star.

Well, kinda.

The British singer/songwriter and model isn’t your average pop star. When she was a baby, she sustained an injury that affected her leg, stunting its growth. When she was in her early teens, she elected to have the leg removed altogether, which she says was a relief above anything else.

And now, she’s making what some would call a disability into not just her own personal fashion staple, but into something sexy.

The music video for her new single “Prototype” has a very clear message of strength as well as never letting yourself be limited by others. It goes even further, when the music video takes a stunningly V for Vendetta turn, with Viktoria acting as a forbidden symbol of hope very similar to V. 

This isn’t her first piece of performance art. She performed with Coldplay at the 2012 Paralympics where she was “The Ice Queen” and sported a bedazzled crystal-studded prosthetic.

As the song says, she truly is “the model of the future,” and one that is not just inspirational to fellow amputees. There’s multiple points in the music video where everything from womanly cellulite to her bare amputated leg are exposed.

The song is artsy and edgy, but the music video is real borderline cyberpunk eye-candy. She sports a light up “bone” prosthetic, a silver and crystal one, and a single black formidable spike all created by Sophie De Oliveira Barata, who is known for the artistic prosthetics she experiments with.

Viktoria Modesta’s music video for prototype is the imagery of Blade Runner meets the message of V for Vendetta meets what Lady Gaga would make if she was an amputee.

Here’s to hoping we see more from Modesta sooner rather than later.