It’s common knowledge that Jimmy Butler and Mark Wahlberg are boys.

Although random, their relationship started when Wahlberg was in Chicago filming Transformers: Age of Extinction last summer. Marky Mark challenged Jimmy Buckets to a one-on-one match, and winded up not getting his ass kicked.

“I’ve got my teams but I can appreciate greatness. I’ve always been a big Bulls fan…I actually didn’t mind when they would beat the Celtics.” Although Wahlberg has also been quoted saying that Derrick Rose “could be the best player in the NBA,”  it’s pretty clear who his favorite player is.

Here’s Mark, drunk, toasting to his friend Jimmy Butler after a three-point buzzer-beater to beat the Atlanta Hawks.

We’re still translating what Wahlberg tries to say after “did Jimmy Buckets just score a three to win it at the end of the game?!?”

If anybody figures it out, let us know.

Slurring Mark Wahlberg Cheers To Jimmy Butler On Instagram:


My guy @markwahlberg told me it would be a big year! Thanks for the support brotha!

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