The wait for Silicon Valley season 2 is almost over.

The Brogrammers (bros + programmers) will be back before we know it, and now we have a little more information on what to expect in the second season.

“If you thought last season was funny, strap in…strap it on and watch it go in…your brain.”

The trailer for the show’s second season seemed to slip under a lot of peoples’ radar in early February, but it didn’t give away much plot detail…if any.

To save you time, here’s what we learned from the first trailer:

A: Coaster-usage and curly-haired conditioner are the company’s biggest concerns now that Tech Crunch Disrupt is over.

B. Gilfoyle and Dinesh still have beef about something.

C. And, in the new season, “Shit’s gonna get real.”

According to a video posted on the show’s Facebook page, shit is going to get pretty real for our favorite (made-up) start-up, Pied Piper.

“They’re sort of jocking between potentially all these other offers now that people see the pretty girl at prom and want to ask her to dance,” says Thomas Middleditch, who plays Richard.

Season two doesn’t start far from where the first season left off.

Pied Piper won ‘Tech Crunch Disrupt.’ And now, as a result, they’re getting a lot of investment offers. But while the once small and unknown startup has changed quite a bit, it’s still the same group of guys we’ve come to know and love.

They’re still working out of the literal home office and having fun, just as we left them.

Although waiting for the end of this hiatus may have felt like the longest hiatus since Broad Citymuch like the fictional Pied Piper itself, things have been moving at light speed for this once-little show.

Picked up for a second season while the first was still only three episodes in, filming for the new season commenced on October 23rd, 2014. It landed a Golden Globe nomination for best comedy series and won our hearts with the most elaborate and intelligent “dick-joke” ever told.

Despite all the boost Pied Piper has experienced, it’s good to know that the success and attention hasn’t gone to the heads of our beloved coders in season two. Well, with the exception of a certain Erlich Bachman. In fact, if anything, we can probably expect the success to be a little intimidating for these socially awkward dudes.

For one thing, we will sadly be minus Peter Gregory after Christopher Evan Welch very sadly passed away after a three-year battle with lung cancer. And to answer the criticism that the show was lacking in female characters – as realistic as it might have been – this season there will “actually be some female characters.”

(SIDENOTE: After the story came out this morning about a 91-year-old woman being hired in the real Silicon Valley as a tech designer, I’m holding out hope for an older female character to take this show into Grandma’s Boy territory. But that’s just me.)

With Silicon Valley premiering alongside Game of Thrones and Veep on April 12th, you better clear your schedule, and your couch.

Because like the trailer said, shit is about to get real.