As journalists, we hear the phrase “no comment” more often than we hear the words “thank you.”

But sometimes, “no comment” is the best comment. It reveals that the subject of your interrogation has no answer besides the truth, which they’re admittedly choosing to disclose upon responding in such manner.

But sometimes, in some circumstances, there is validated reason for receiving “no comment” as an answer.

A few days ago, rumors surfaced of an alleged locker room fight between Blackhawks teammates. The rumor was propelled by a tweet submitted by former NFL player and Fox Sports analyst David Diehl.

Since that point, names have surfaced including the likes of Patrick Sharp, Patrick Kane, Corey Crawford, and Duncan Keith.

The working angle most are running with is that Patrick Sharp fooled around a few too many times, possibly even with teammates’ wives and girlfriends, and was outed for it in the locker room.

Was there an actual fistfight? If so, that is news.

If not, we’re just prying into people’s personal lives as it’s certainly not uncommon for athletes’ wives and girlfriends to be passed around like mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner.

Athletes, like you and I, are people. They’re not toys that you can play with. And they’re not politicians that are required by law to tell the truth and reveal the bulk of their personal life.

They are professional athletes. Not personal athletes.

Their personal life is only of importance to society when it affects it negatively. Frankly, if a player’s personal life affects the performance of a team – I still question whether or not that’s our business.

A few months ago, we heard the rumors that Patrick Sharp was sleeping with another teammate’s wife.

Did we post on it? No.

Did we look into it? Certainly.

But as the barrage of Patrick Sharp rumors flooded the city of Chicago over the past few days, one thing became clear: they’re just rumors.

Sports Mockery, a typically entertaining Chicago sports blog we read from time-to-time, exposed the rumors when they posted this column last night.

In their “investigation” of the Patrick Sharp scandal, they reference four independent sources, all of which remain conveniently anonymous.

Did Patrick Sharp Have Sex With Teammate’s Wife?

This is what we now know. This information came from FOUR different independent sources, each vetted and having direct personal ties with the Chicago Blackhawks. None of the sources are aware of the other, yet they all had matching stories.

Each source indicated that Patrick Sharp indeed had sex with Duncan Keith’s wife.

Each source also indicated that Patrick Sharp has had an affair with Cheryl Scott from ABC7 news, which may or may not be ongoing.

Finally, the Chicago Blackhawks organization wants him gone as soon as possible.

Again, there is no “proof” in the form of videos, pictures or names of sources, but we can assure you that we wouldn’t be writing this if we didn’t feel very confident about the information presented. Our sources seemingly match what Dan Bernstein is saying, even though he hasn’t revealed any specific details — yet.

Well, this is what we know: this isn’t our business.

As journalists, bloggers, fans, or whatever the fuck you want to call us – these rumors aren’t our business.

Is Patrick Sharp doing something illegal?


Is Patrick Sharp breaching his contract?


Did Patrick Sharp piss off teammates? Is he potentially the root of the Blackhawks’ recent struggles? Will any of this ever come to fruition or relevance?

Maybe. Maybe. And uh…maybe.

You see, “maybe” is the word we use to categorize rumors. “Facts” are what we use to prove points. As evident from their article, Sports Mockery doesn’t understand the difference between “rumor” and “fact.”

Did Patrick Sharp Have Sex With Teammate’s Wife?

There will be a lot of people that say this is bullshit, that’s expected when discussing a player of Sharp’s apparent stature, and that due to lack of “proof” they refuse to believe it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; however, there are four FACTS to keep in mind.

  1. An ABC television show recently insinuated a married Blackhawks player got a random woman pregnant. The Blackhawks have been mentioned on the show before, so the writers seem to be very familiar with the team. Their timing is impeccable for such a reference.
  2. All these “rumors” started last season, for the people close to the organization these rumors are not new.
  3. Dan Bernstein, a well-known radio personality with deep ties to Chicago, has been reporting problems with Sharp for a while now. Most recently, he indirectly referenced the rumors floating around. Why now?
  4. The Chicago Blackhawks are currently pursuing a trade for Sharp, an attempt to ship him off to Washington was reported as recent as yesterday. Sharp has seen his ice time plummet this season, playing a season low 12 minutes last night.

At this point, we can say that we are fully convinced the rumors confirmed by our sources are true. It’s up to you to take this information and gather your own opinion.

Jamal Mayers, a former Blackhawks defensemen and now analyst for the Blackhawks’ CSN Chicago broadcast put out these series of tweets earlier today:

While the last tweet from Jamal Mayers makes him sound like a pissed-off toddler, we agree with him.

If Sports Mockery and other news outlets want to play a game of “Who’s Patrick Sharp Sleeping With Now?” – then we’re simply not going to listen.

Let’s be adults, and talk about what the Chicago Blackhawks are doing on the ice, and how Patrick Sharp isn’t playing good hockey. If he’s doing something illegal or hurtful to the city of Chicago, then we’ll join the conversation.

But saying that Chicago has a divided locker room because Patrick Sharp divided some legs isn’t journalism, it’s downright slanderous. Not to mention, there’s far worse scandals to uncover in this city.

So in the words of Jamal Mayers – go back to your mom’s basement, you jock sniffers.

The rest of us are trying to work here.

(Photo courtesy of Fanny Schertzer)