Imagine you’re headed to work on a beautiful Monday morning in your red Chevy pick-up.

Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand, you drive down the dark highway at the break of dawn. With every passing road sign, the anticipatory fear gets more and more deafening. That little voice in your head starts to circumvent, warning you of the dangers ahead.

But it’s not like you haven’t been here before. This is your calling in life – you chose to risk it all day in and day out. And for what? A measly five figure annual salary?

As you spot your exit, that little voice in your head starts to fade away into oblivion.

You were born for this, no matter the cost.

Besides, if you don’t do it, who will?

The Top 10 Deadliest Jobs

10) Construction Workers

030815_Construction_WorkerSome cling to steel columns and beams hundreds of feet in the air while others remain on the ground amongst the heavy machinery. There’s danger¬†either way. Every year, hundreds of men and women die in construction accidents. From power tools to falling beams to extreme heights, working in construction is an inherently dangerous job.

Total Deaths in 2013: 215
Death Rate*: 17.7
Median Annual Salary: $30,460
Number of Jobs: 824,970

9) Electrical Powerline Workers

Top 10 Deadliest JobsLinemen rely on the quality of their emergency cable system in order to stay alive. Their job is to erect and maintain power lines, sometimes hundreds of feet above the ground. From the deaths caused by electrocution to the deaths that result from a faulty fall arrest cable system, lineman workers have one of the deadliest jobs on earth.

Total Deaths in 2013: 27
Death Rate*: 21.5
Median Annual Salary: $64,170
Number of Jobs: 111,350

8) Farmers & Ranchers

Top 10 Deadliest JobsThat old adage about getting back up on your horse after you’ve fallen only stands if you still do so after making abrupt contact with the dirt. Then there’s the potential trampling, the tractor or combine bearing down. Farmers and ranchers know the land. They also know that sometimes when the land comes up to meet you, it isn’t to say hello. It’s to say goodbye.

Total Deaths in 2013: 220
Death Rate*: 21.8
Median Annual Salary: $69,300
Number of Jobs: 930,600

7) Truck Drivers

Top 10 Deadliest JobsWe’re talking long-haul truckers, which means long days on the highway at all hours, in all kinds of traffic and weather conditions, navigating 18 wheels and several tons of cargo through a sea of angsty clerks, accountants and soccer moms. It is by no means a safe working environment.

Total Deaths in 2013: 748
Death Rate*: 22
Median Annual Salary: $38,700
Number of Jobs: 1,585,300

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