Some guy went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and decided to make (hilarious) modern art out of classical paintings. Which of course is funny and also kind of brilliant.

Simply enough, the art museum-goer (is there an official name for this?) took pictures with a hand holding up a cell-phone, making it appear as if the portraits are actually taking selfies.

But after checking out the Imgur page that these photos were posted on (link below), we’re still trying to decide what’s funnier: the pictures or the comments.

As you can see, the random slew of comments in reaction to the ‘artwork’ is probably even more enlightening.


Some people were confused in a way that makes me desperately fear for humanity.


But of course, this is the internet. You can’t always expect positive reaction. Debbie downers like NDelRey, we’re looking at you.


TheSixThirty_SelfiePaintings_Decreux_040715And according to their comments, these people don’t enjoy happiness or laughter.

Either way, these images and comments would make Joseph Ducreux and his archaic rap meme-makers proud.

Whatever the best part of this whole happening is, these guys have definitely given us a whole new reason to go to the Art Institute. Because if this doesn’t become the new planking, nothing will.

Needless to reiterate, Earth without art would just be ‘Eh.’

(Pictures and comments courtesy of original imgur post)