St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year. And yes, we can hear you booing. So please stop.

It’s always a pain when a beloved excuse for revelry lands in the middle of the work week. But nonetheless – you’ve got a perfectly good Tuesday to celebrate the best Irish stereotypes Chicago can provide.

Stop feeling shameful about the way you acted yesterday, and look at the bright side. Spring is here, and every holiday is worth celebrating.

Here are a few cool ideas you can do on Tuesday, March 17th for the actual St. Patrick’s Day.

What To Do On The Actual St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Music at the Celtic Knot Public House

An independent little Irish pub that’s far more authentic than the competition, the Celtic Knot Public House is a fixture in downtown Evanston.

They offer pub grub of the highest quality, including lamb stew, pork chops, corned beef, wings, and generous mountains of potatoes. The Celtic Knot features at least a few live performances every month.


You’re likely to stumble into a poetry reading or a blues jam when you push through the front door, but this St. Paddy’s Day they’re putting their Emerald Isle sensibilities up front with some jangly Irish tunes from an exceptional live band.

Really, you haven’t experienced St. Patrick’s Day if you haven’t heard at least a few bawdy bar songs.

Irish music is just the best. Except for U2. But they’re probably not playing at the Celtic Knot this Tuesday.

It’ll be a good band, don’t worry.

Free Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Yeah, it’s not exactly a booze-soaked Irish thrill ride, but the MCA is always reliably thought-provoking, featuring some of the best modern art from world-renowned painters, sculptors, and uh, table makers.

Right now, they’re featuring some collections from artists like Doris Salcedo and Richard Hunt, as well as the usual gaggle of beautiful and disturbing postmodern jazz.

The museum has free days every Tuesday of this month from 10AM to 8PM.

Get a brochure and bring an artsy date you really want to impress.

The Book of Mormon at Bank of America Theater

book-of-mormonYou’re more likely to get a new kidney than a good Book of Mormon ticket by this coming Tuesday, but if you can swing it, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s Broadway smash hit is back by popular demand.

The Book of Mormon is about a gaggle of naïve Mormon missionaries who run afoul of an African warlord while trying to spread the gospel to the locals. The play features all of the off-color blasphemy you’d expect from the creators of South Park, tied together with the excellent tutelage of Robert Lopez, the mastermind behind Avenue Q.

The original theatrical run of the musical earned nine Tony Awards including Best Musical, further cementing Parker and Stone as this generation’s Stephen Sondheims (except with more poop jokes).

If you haven’t joined the one true faith, check it out this Tuesday.