According to Prime Visibility, the Chicago White Sox won’t be getting very much “fan support” this season.

Prime Visibility is a digital marketing giant that specializes in SEO and social media, amongst other things. Their ability to comb the internet and maximize its contents for their profit (and profit of their clients) has earned them many awards and recognition as the industry’s best.

So when we came across this little search they conducted I was immediately intrigued.

Here’s a description of what they did:

[quote_box_center]Predicting who will make it to the World Series (or even the playoffs) is always tough, especially since anything can happen over the course of a 162 game season. However, Prime Visibility thought it would be interesting to analyze fan sentiment on Social Media over the course of Spring Training and use that as a guide to predict the 2015 MLB season. Below are all 30 teams ranked by positive sentiment. Underneath, are a “mock standings” based on these findings. Since the Yankees were ranked 15th out of 30, they are given a .500 record.[/quote_box_center]

After checking out the list, it took about four seconds to figure out what my title would be: White Sox fans are the most pessimistic in all of baseball.

It pained me to have to write it, but it’s not all that surprising. With that said, the rest of the results were a little unexpected.

Aside from the Cardinals, who have the most pompous and elitist fans in all of sport, nothing else makes sense. The Yankees are right up there with St. Louis, but their fan confidence sits at a mediocre 73.62 percent. It’s not exactly peaches and roses in the Bronx right now, but their fan confidence ranks fourth in the AL East.


The Cubs are at 70.48 percent, right where you might expect them to be given the lofty expectations heading into the 2015 season – but also remembering that this is the Cubs. And as a Cubs fan, I can say with confidence that they’re not heading to a World Series this year.

The defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants are the fourth least confident fans in all of baseball.

How in the world is that even possible? That team is on the precipice of being referred to as a dynasty, and their fans don’t have any hope for this season?

I guess because it’s an odd year, they already called it a wash.

However, the biggest surprise and disappointment in this entire study is who ranks last.

Sadly, it’s the Chicago White Sox.

Like the Cubs, there are serious expectations heading into this season for the squad on the south side.

Is confidence low because Robin Ventura is still the manager? Is it because they fear a huge sophomore slump is on the docket for Jose Abreu?

Whatever it is, time to sack up White Sox fans. After an offseason where the front office was actually aggressive, you’re still the least confident fans in all of baseball? 14 percent worse than the Twins?

In all reality, maybe this shows that Sox fans are the smartest in all of baseball because they always expect the worst and are rarely disappointed.

It also shows why they can’t sell out one damn game at US Cellular.

(Featured Image courtesy of Wikimedia)