I’m all for creativity. And when a news correspondent can take something topical and make it funny and original without being offensive, that’s something to admire.

As you may know, Jets fans are notorious for booing just about every pick their front office has made in the NFL Draft. WGN sports anchor, Pat Tomasulo, walked around the streets of Chicago with a few others today – posing as New York Jets fans visiting the Windy City for the NFL Draft.

Although he digs pretty hard into pretty much every New Yorker stereotype out there, this segment is proof that network television still has some redeeming qualities.

Booing everything in sight, Tomasulo and his fake posse interviewed every type of person they could find on the streets of Chicago.

From making a Blue Jays fan literally shit his pants on camera to calling a random black guy “Rick Ross” when he walked past them, this video had all types of awkward YouTube gold. One interviewee even throws it back at them, saying “I used to be a Jets fan but then my father got a job.”

I’d be lying if I said I won’t be stealing that joke for usage at a later date. But aside from the highlights mentioned above, here’s a few more of our favorite interactions from the video below:

  • The part where they ask the women who she’s talking to on the phone, only to find out she’s talking to her married ex-boyfriend. That’s probably the only thing that was actually worth booing in the video.

  • The part where they see a Tony Bennett look-a-like, and just start finding celebrity look-a-likes and calling them out.

  • The part where they just stand on a street corner and give the classic Joey Tribbiani, “How you doing?”

All things considered, Tomasulo’s segment is extremely offensive towards people from New York.

And for that, we thank him.

‘Angry Jets fans’ Invade Chicago for NFL Draft, and Boo Everything: