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Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson just made all of us everyday folk care about Paris Fashion Week for a second.

As you probably saw everywhere from Snapchat to Reddit yesterday, the bromance duo reprised their Zoolander roles on the actual Valentino Runway yesterday.

The stunt, aka probably the best marketing move ever made, was done to officially announce the 2016 sequel to their 2001 comedy classic, Zoolander. And they were refreshingly true to their characters. Stiller even turned right on the catwalk at the end of the walk-off and spun to avoid turning left mid-walk, so we can all assume that Derrick Zoolander is still not an ambi-turner.

These two basically blew up all over the internet, (it’s in the computer) but one particular video got a good amount of heat – mainly from Reddit commenters.

Famous Viner Jerome Jarre tweeted out a hilarious video on the catwalk where Stiller/Zoolander steals his phone and completes the walk-off recording blue steel into the stolen phone, selfie-style.

The heat came when people started huffing and puffing about the fact that the video was staged and was all just an advertising ploy.

Sure, it’s a bummer that it wasn’t unplanned…but who cares? The entire thing was a marketing ploy – albeit an epic one – and Jarre himself has a good amount of integrity, supposedly having turned down a million dollar advertising deal to stay true to why he started vining in the first place.

Not to mention, it’s something Derrick Zoolander would totally do.

At the end of the day, staged or not, it’s still Derrick Zoolander stealing a phone to capture his own signature blue steel. And with Zoolander 2 emerging in the time of selfies and selfie sticks (which yes, he did use), it’s a hilarious peek into what Derrick Zoolander is going to do with technology that lets us all be narcissists 24/7.

Especially since, last we left these two beautiful boys, they couldn’t work a dinosaur-sized Mac computer.

Personally? I’m just happy Zoolander is back in the news and conversation.

2016 is lining up to be the year of the sequel, and coming out on the tails of Anchorman 2 and Dumb and Dumber Too, let’s hope that the third comedy sequel in three years is a hilarious, high-rated charm. If this marketing stunt is any indication, we have nothing to worry about.

Check out the actual video of Derrick and Hansel blazing the runway:

(UPDATE 04/20/15, 6:48 PM)

As of today, it’s officially confirmed that Billy Zane will be in Zoolander 2.

In a video that Ben Stiller posted on Instagram – in which he (of course) plays Derek Zoolander – the camera goes up to a blonde wavy-haired man who we all assume to be Hansel.

But instead, it’s a wig-adorned Billy Zane.

Zoolander 2 has not been one to give us status updates in a traditional or ‘normal’ way – and for that, we thank them. Because who wants a press release when you can have Derek Zealander dropping the news himself?

Anywho, Billy Zane ends the video by flashing a blue steel of his own. Or wait, was that the Magnum?

Hansel has some #Zoolander2 news about @billyzane

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