In case you haven’t heard, there’s two very good reasons to believe Derrick Rose will be making his return to the Bulls on Wednesday night against Orlando.

  1. Because he’s listed on the Bulls’ injury report for tomorrow.

  2. Because his ex-girlfriend said so on Instagram.

Late Monday night, Mieka Reese, the mother of Rose’s son and his ex-girlfriend, suggested that Derrick would be returning from another knee injury on Wednesday. She did so via her Instagram account, which is now set to private.

Here’s a look at her post:

Rose being on the injury report basically confirms Reese’s post, and it aligns with what Rose said to Lisa Salters during the game against Cleveland on Sunday.

If he doesn’t return on Wednesday, he could start on Thursday or Saturday. We’ll see.

Right now, we’re still smack-dab in the middle of Rose’s original 4 to 6 week timeline, so he’s on schedule regardless. And once he comes back, this guessing game about his return doesn’t really matter.

Nonetheless, this is a classic Derrick Rose situation. Actually, it couldn’t be more of a Derrick Rose situation.

Why would his return get announced on Instagram by his ex-girlfriend, before Rose himself? How could that happen? Why did that happen?

We won’t hold our breath while you think of an answer.

The worst part about these Derrick Rose injuries (other than the massive talent deduction from the Bulls, of course) is the guessing game. Every single time, it’s another goddamn guessing game.

Dude 1: “Hey, is Derrick coming back this week?”
Dude 2: “Not sure, I heard his ex-girlfriend posted on Instagram that he is.”

How many times have you overheard that conversation, Chicago?

Once he comes back, this won’t be a big deal anymore.

But why can’t Derrick just say these things himself? Why does he leave it up for interpretation, over-and-over?

The playoffs are just around the corner. And hopefully, we can start talking about what’s happening with Derrick Rose on the court.

Instead of trying to guess what’s happening off of it.

(Rose image from Youtube)