Bruce Jenner’s monumental 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer last night sent ripples through the collective perception of the American social landscape.

Once regarded as the Greatest Athlete In The World, Jenner revealed publicly that he identified himself as a female despite being anatomically male.

When I was researching the life of Bruce Jenner and the history behind the living legend, I came across his Wikipedia page which included an external link to the full list of athletes that have been featured on a Wheaties box.

In its original form, athletes were depicted on the sides or back of the cereal box though in 1958 Wheaties began placing the pictures on the front of the box.

In 1977, Wheaties chose Jenner to represent their brand in light of his Decathlon gold at the 1976 Olympics.

As the world’s greatest athlete, Bruce Jenner was a social icon. With a chiseled physique and incredible athletic talent, Jenner represented the quintessential All-American following the 1976 Olympics where he competed and won the MEN’S Decathlon.

So why does Wikipedia list Bruce Jenner as the first female depicted on the cover of a Wheaties box?


Wikipedia has evolved into one of the most used resources on the Internet today. Constantly updating the site in real time, Wikipedia has become as reputable as they come.

Not this time.

In the 20/20 interview, Jenner stated that he still would like to be referred to as a male until the transition is complete.

Therefore, Wikipedia, this is me (a regular Joe/Joan) calling you out. Want to stay reputable? Update the page and show some respect for a human being displaying immense amounts of courage while being in the public spotlight.

Show some damn respect.

UPDATE: 04/26/2015, 4:15pm

We all know Wikipedia is free to be edited by anybody, so we’re not exactly sure who made the edit that named Bruce Jenner the “first female athlete” on a Wheaties box. Which, if you haven’t been paying attention, would be 100% incorrect.

Either way, it appears Wikipedia has graciously responded to our request and updated the page – correctly labeling Mary Lou Retton as the first female to be a Wheaties cover athlete:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 4.40.50 PM

Order restored. Thanks Wikipedia.