I love March trash talk. It’s a good sign of the competitive spirit harbored within college hoops, as any game can be a team’s last. When the brackets were unveiled on Sunday night, Iowa and Davidson locked horns in some friendly banter over Stephen Curry’s eligibility or lack thereof.

Wisconsin and Coastal Carolina

This morning, the University of Wisconsin Twitter account decided to send out a little love to their first round adversary, Coastal Carolina.

And a true David and Goliath matchup on the court turned out to be very even keeled back-and-forth over social media.

I mean, this doesn’t even read like trash talking. It’s more of a chant discussion led by both schools’ cheerleading squads.

Teal is a solid color. Point Coastal Carolina.

If you’re confused, Coastal Carolina – being the 16 seed and the lesser in this conversation – hit Wisconsin with the quick double reply just to make sure Wisconsin kept the conversation going.

Understandable. It happens so much in daily life, like when you text a female and after you think, “why did I just say that,” so you try to cover your tracks as quickly as possible by saying something completely different.

I’ve been to the Memorial Union Terrace and it’s damn gorgeous. Talk about a great place to day drink.

On the other hand, I’ve never visited Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina (alma mater of Dustin Johnson) but I see views like that and really want to check it out now.

Honestly, Madison might take the cake here. Despite being in Wisconsin and CCU is in, well, South Carolina, Madison is beautiful.

Dear Chicago, why are there not 50 of these things driving around?

And now I’m hungry.

I have to say, Coastal Carolina concluding their end of the conversation with a “you’re a top notch institution with an amazing basketball team,” when they’re about to get their asses kicked is super classy and I respect the hell out of that.

Wisconsin appreciated it, too, ending the conversation with a classic Chris Traeger thumbs up from Parks and Recreation. 

Faith in competitive athletics restored.


(Featured Image courtesy of uwdigitalcollections)