Most likely, you don’t have shit to root for in the 2015 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets.

Here in Chicago, you’re probably pulling for the Royals if you’re a Cubs fan and the Mets if you’re a White Sox fan. But let’s be honest, that’s not enough to really get you interested. The NBA is back and football is in full-swing.

Nah, that’s what our friend gambling is for.

As we’ve found out with the exploding, identity-less daily fantasy sports industry (LINK) in recent weeks – having something riding on the game is a very real concept.

And just like the Super Bowl, the selection of World Series prop bets includes just about every single result, incident or amount of face time that you can gamble on.

The guys at My Top Sports Books have put together their list of World Series prop bets, and in addition to the standard “Royals or Mets” picks – there are plenty of ridiculous ones to choose. Of course, the best part about prop bets is that the more absurd they are – the more you can win.

Ridiculous World Series Prop Bets We’re Betting On

Chas Goudie

Over/Under on the number of times the name “Buckner” is mentioned: 4.5

This bet is pure gold. Just like the Cubs and their references to Steve Bartman and the goat, you know we’ll get plenty of on-air references to “Bill Buckner” – who helped the Mets win their last World Series in 1986 with a costly error. Classic major league baseball and their voodoo curses.

Over/Under on the number of times Fox shows the New York skyline: 9.5

This is so true. They show the skyline of the home city virtually every commercial break. Out of the entire list of World Series prop bets, I’ll take the over on this before anything else. It’s New York people. Can you say pompous?

Odds a streaking fan arrives via parachute: 5000/1

Those are some decent odds. Wishful thinking? I think not. You have the same odds of injuring yourself using a chain saw.

If you’re still not convinced of putting your entire paycheck on this prop bet for the 2015 World Series, just ask Charles Barkley.

Brian Lendino

Odds there is a brawl with at least one punch thrown during the World Series: 99/1

Just like the 99/1 odds, there’s a 99 percent chance this hits because Daniel Murphy is most definitely getting punched in the mouth by somebody. Hopefully.

Over/under on the number of celebrity sightings during the World Series: 15

Forget New York. Kansas City isn’t known as a celebrity metropolis, so whenever there’s a famous fan in the stands they show them. I promise you’ll see each of Jason Sudekis, Rob Riggle, Paul Rudd, and Eric Stonestreet probably 15 times a piece. Take the over.

Odds there is another “moment” with Rob Manfred/Erin Andrews during trophy presentation: 500/1

This has to be the most abstract prop bet I’ve ever seen. What the fuck constitutes as a “moment”?

I’m willing to find out. Shit, throw down $2 and you could have $1000 if Manfred hits on Erin Andrews.

Peter Hahn

Odds a player or manager gets ejected during a World Series game: 22/1

There’s a reason this one is only at 22/1. Because it’s a virtual lock. Both Terry Collins and Ned Yost have shown they’re willing to run up those dugout stairs and give a little lip to the umpires, and considering the amount of fastball velocity that’s in this series – we’re only one wild pitch away from this hitting.

Which is why, like Brian, I love the 99/1 odds on a punch getting thrown. Double down and take both.

Odds a fan streaks the field during the World Series: 100/1

Neither of these teams have won a World Series since the mid-1980’s, which is exactly why some jackass will want to let everyone know about it. Probably a Mets fan jackass.

Over/under on the number of times Fox shows George Brett during World Series broadcasts: 5.5

Give me the over on this easy. Brett was the star of the ’85 Royals team that won the World Series and now serves as the VP of Baseball Operations for the team trying to get Kansas City’s next baseball crown.

This might hit by Game 2 before the series heads to New York.