It’s officially the holiday season. For us, that means our inbox gets stuffed with cheap consumer products all claiming to be “the perfect holiday gift” for that “special someone.”

Last week, we got a press release about The Beardski. Evidently, the Beardski has shattered the barriers in modern day advertising – creating a product that is not only beloved by every generation, but applicable to any season, holiday or random celebration.

“All ages wear the Beardski masks, Millenniums, GenXr’s and Boomers LOVE Beardskis! Great for costumes, gifts, the holidays and making a fashion statement while Halloween, snowboarding, football season, camping…”

Here’s a few of our favorite beards:

1. Beardski Hunter

The Beardski is pretty much exactly as it sounds…a ski mask, attached with a beard that looks like it was ripped from the faces of the Duck Dynasty dudes.

Charming? No.

Jolly? No, not really.

Aggressive? Yah, let’s go with aggressive.

2. The Black Pearl

Back in the days of the ice age, all the creatures living through the chill had one thing in common: thick self-grown fur coats. But if you can’t grow the glorious beard of a lumberjack, now you can just buy one.

And for just $34.95 (plus shipping and handling), you can make wearing a ski mask even more frightening than it already is.

3. Beardski Merlin 

We prefer to call this one ‘Stoner Gandalf’ – for lack of a more spot-on comparison.

Adjustable attachment flaps make it one size fits all. It’s made with thermal fleece neck & vented neoprene mouth and chin (whatever the hell that means). Not to mention, it’s water resistant, and lined with high-quality silk backing for quality construction.

It’s washable, and non-flammable. So not only will it scare the shit out of kids, it will be very difficult for them to light on fire also.

Which is a good thing, because if a kid sees someone wearing this – there’s a good chance they’ll try to light it on fire.

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