He might not understand journalism, or grammar, but Fandango knows how to be a douchebag.

A couple years back, the infamous American professional wrestler expressed his discontent for journalism to WWE on-air personality, Renee Young. Asked whether it was kosher to disrupt a real-life WWE brawl, the slick haired fighter retorted, “you’re not even a real journalism.’

Despite her last name (Paquette), everything about Renee is as real as it gets. Because if you ask any current or aspiring journalist, the epitome of success is becoming a contractual reporter for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

WWE Main Event (January 8th, 2014)

If you watch the full video (below), you’ll begin to understand our current fascination for Fandango. And if you skip ahead to the 30-second mark, you’ll begin to understand why he’s so successful at being a total douche.

Aside from his skills in douchery, Fandango is also well-known for his skills in dancing.

Wow. Those are some nice moves. Considering the word ‘fandango‘ is actually the name for a lively couples dance from Iberia, you can see where he got his talent from. And to think, we thought it was just a place to buy movie tickets.

Besides dancing, Fandango (apparently) also likes to take hallucinogens in his free time…

And, he celebrates ‘National Dance Day’ – a bullshit holiday created in 2010 by the producers of So You Think You Can Dance.

Move aside people…

Whatever ‘spotlight’ this tweet is referring to, it belongs to Fandango.

(Featured photo courtesy of WWE)