To be honest, I’m not a huge iPad guy.

Sure, I treat my iPhone like a third hand and I’m on my laptop more than most people think is healthy. But the iPad never seemed to fill a void that my professional or personal life desired.

Plus, carrying my iPad without a case was becoming a daunting task. More afraid I’d break it than have a need for it, I began leaving it in my apartment to the point that it solely existed for occasional shower-music purposes.

As more dust than fingerprint marks started to gather on its screen , I began to consider selling my iPad to make up for the bankruptcy that ensued this summer as a result of my addiction to summer music festivals.

But this all changed the second I got my hands on the Zip Line from CQ.

We don’t just promote products on for the hell of it. Our goal is to show you effective and affordable tangibles that will make your life just a little better.

And believe me, this iPad case will make your life a lot better.

For whatever reason you use your iPad, there’s no reason to buy any case other than this one. Adding a touch of class to a state-of-the-art device, CQ has fused swag with smarts for a fresh breath of business professional.

While this specific feature is not one I use too often, the Zip Line offers hands-free carrying so you can wear the Zip Line over your shoulder, across your body, or under your arm. The cord extends to any length up to 21.5” and stays in place until you’re ready for it to retract. And if you were looking for a manlier reason to utilize it, the chord is made out of heavy-duty stainless steel.

With a fancy leather look on the inside, this portfolio will make  you feel like the long-lost nephew of Steve Jobs at your next business meeting. And, the soft  interior comes complete with a credit card/money holder, which keeps your tablet free from scratches and dust.

You can hold it like a purse. You can hold it like a book. Or hell, you can hold it like a baby for all we care.

The bottom line is – you won’t want to stop holding your iPad when it’s covered with the Zip Line. 

For the same price as most iPhone cases, you can purchase  this ridiculously convenient iPad cover for just $59.95.

Click here if want to pull the trigger.