Hello, and welcome back to another edition of Musical Adrenaline. 

In some countries, it’s known as “electronic music that goes really well with running.” Regardless of the name, you can check out some of the old editions here, or here.

Thanks to some fresh new music and essentially the last half of Avicii’s set from Ultra Music Festival 2015, there’s plenty of new music worth blaring through your headphones this summer.

So without further adieu, here’s an updated list of the finest EDM songs to run to. If you’re into that sort of thing.

If you’re not into that sort of thing, then we have no idea why you’re still reading this.

11 Best EDM Songs To Run To

“Years & Years” by King (Gryffin Remix)


Photo Credit: ilanbluestone.com

This newcomer more than deserves the opening slot on our list. Because whether you’re eating Skittles, popping cherries or just sucking some wind – this song will get you jacked up.

All sexual innuendos aside, listen to this jam before you keep reading.

“43” by Ilan Bluestone

This trance protege has made quite a few of our past lists. Whether it was with “Waves Of LA” or the irresistible “Tension” – this producer deserves a spot on any playlist worth turning on at the gym.

Listen to it. Or don’t listen to it. But while you decide, we’ll be over there squat-thrusting used Honda Civics.

“Gold Dust” by Galantis

The only reason this made the list over “Runaway” is because it’s a newer song. That said, Galantis is a two-man factory for workout music.

“Gold Dust” is just another shred of evidence.

“Cheap Sunglasses” by RAC (feat. Matthew Koma) (Two Freinds Remix)

RAC has impressed us for a while now, but this progressive house remix of their original track is simply to die for. Oh yeah, and it makes for the perfect running song.

“Jump Hi” by Lion Babe (Todd Edwards Dub)

I jump so high. I jump so high. I don’t know the rest of the song but I think I stepped on somebody’s dog.

“Cerebral” by Boys Noize & Pilo

I’ve never run a German half-marathon on Ecstasy, but I imagine this song is pretty close.

“Waiting For Love” by Avicii

Here is the first of three songs from Avicii’s set at Ultra Music Festival (and arguably the most catchy).

Sorry for the weird YouTube video we found on YouTube. These songs aren’t exactly “street legal” yet.

“City Lights” by Avicii

Get some.

“What Would I Change It To” by Avicii

In 2013, Avicii sampled all of the ensuing hits from his unconventional, folk-infused album, True. 

Last year, Avicii was a no-show due to illness. And this year, he repeated his 2013 approach in the midst of his next album, Stories. Long story short, “What Would I Change It To” is the next “Wake Me Up.”

Book it.

“Lost You” by Zeds Dead (feat. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacy)

In Chicago, we like our bass the same way we like our pizza: deep.

Although this is another track that’s been out for a while, it’s still worth every bit of your eardrum. Here’s an epic collaboration from Zeds Dead, Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy.

“A Fine Way To Die” by GRiZ (feat. Orlando Napier) 

We’ll leave the No. 1 spot on this list to the man we like to call “the king.” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if you can’t like GRiZ, what can you like?

Here’s one of the many head-lifting tracks from his new album, Say It Loud.