Disclaimer: This list is in alphabetical order. So don’t get all worked up over our list. Because it’s not a list. It’s a unified grouping — of the 21 producers that will dominate EDM in 2015.




No, this artist has absolutely nothing to do with the character from Futurama or Breakfast Club. This Bender may need an introduction for you less advantageous music listeners out there. Hailing from New Jersey, Bender likes to keep things sexy with his down-tempo remixes. For Bender, “Dancing is mandatory, jumping is prohibited.”

Sounds Like: EDX

Song That Sold Me: “Zhu” by Cocaine Model (Bender Remix)




Carmada is an electronic music duo from Sydney, Australia, comprised of producers LDRU and Yahtzel. After releasing their first worldwide hit, “Maybe,” Skrillex’s OWSLA signed the duo to produce an EP called Realize. Their sound can be somewhat characterized as deep house, however, it can’t really be placed into any specific sub-genre due to its originality.

Sounds Like: No comment

Song That Sold Me: “Carmalude” by Carmada

Chris Clark


012314_Top_New_Artists_Chris Clark

Every so often, a musician comes along that signifies a change in the industry standard. Chris Clark is that next musician, and his music lives in a class of its own. The Berlin, Germany native knows a thing or two about experimenting with sound design, and his SoundCloud account is a direct representation of the endless possibilities in electronic music production.

Sounds Like: Sigur Ros

Song That Sold Me: “The Grit In The Pearl” by Chris Clark




We don’t really know what a Filous is, and we don’t really care either. The artist makes a name, not the other way around. Filous hails from Vienna, Austria; and making music must be easy when your studio looks out over the Vienna Hills. Who would have thought that Austria’s finest could produce tracks worthy of palm trees and daiquiris?

Sounds Like: Kygo

Song That Sold Me: “Summer” by Filous (feat. Kitty Gorgi)




Unfortunately the name Flaxo belonged on last year’s list, but we didn’t make a list last year so that wouldn’t have been scientifically possible. San Francisco always reps their city in terms of music, and Flaxo is certainly no exception. He calls his music ‘indefinite’ – we call it orgasmic.

Sounds Like: Sound Remedy & Dillon Francis

Song That Sold Me: “Take Me Home” by Cash Cash (Flaxo Remix)

Golden Features



Australia, what’s in the water over there? If I had a nickel for every Australian electronic artist currently on my iTunes recently played, I wouldn’t be writing this review right now. I’d be busy downing mai-tais in Las Vegas with Dan Bilzerian and The Golden Features. Bring on the electronica.

Sounds Like: UMEK & Gesaffelstein

Song That Sold Me: “Years of War” by Porter Robinson (Golden Features Remix)

Jai Wolf


012314_Top_New_Artists_Jai Wolf

We’ve all probably heard his remixes during one of Skrillex’s live sets last summer. The New York City young-gun known as Jai Wolf represents OWSLA’s latest headliner in the making. With a sound similar to Bauuer & Diplo, you can be sure that Jai Wolf will be headlining at a festival near you come summer 2015. Future Bass and Trap never saw what’s coming.

Sounds Like: Bauuer & Diplo

Song That Sold Me: “Ease My Mind” by Skrillex (Jai Wolf Remix)

Jason Ross


012314_Top_New_Artists_Carmada_Jason Ross

How many artists can you name off the top of your head that could replace Above and Beyond as the staple of Anjunabeats? Not many, but Jason Ross could be the one. Hailing from Los Angeles, Ross makes trance music for the trance-music enthusiast.

Sounds Like: Above & Beyond

Song That Sold Me: “Gravity” by Parker & Hanson (Jason Ross Remix)



012314_Top_New_Artists_Jumo Daddy

My. Name. Is. JumoDaddy. My. Name. Is. Skrillex. My. Name. Is. JumoDaddy. My. Name. Is. Skrillex.

So which one is it? Both JumoDaddy and Skrillex may produce similar sounding tracks – which is a definite compliment for the former, who is a Budapest native. There’s a reason Skrillex played Jumo’s track during his live set at The Velvet Room a few months back and everybody assumed it was a Skrillex original. Get on this artist while you can before the EDM yuppies jump all over it.

Sounds Like: Skrillex

Song That Sold Me: “Black Horse” by JumoDaddy




Boston and New York City are prepping for the worst blizzard of all time. I wonder what Kasum is doing during the storm? Probably continuing to produce some of the best progressive house remixes to date while packing his basement with apocalyptic supplies such as water, bread, a flashlight and a winter coat.

Sounds Like: A better version of Chainsmokers

Song That Sold Me: “In Too Deep” by Sum 41 (Kasum Remix)

Kid Arkade



Working out of an undisclosed location somewhere in Russia, Kid Arkade is to electro as Michael Jackson is to Pop music. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit far. But this kid is talented beyond belief, and comparing him to Zedd actually isn’t that preposterous. While he may not be dating Selena Gomez, we could see him dating the next Disney princess/half-hearted musician any day now.

Sounds Like: Zedd

Song That Sold Me: “Closer” by Rae Morris (Kid Arkade Remix)




Not many artists can get away with capitalizing their entire name. Of those artists, even fewer can repeat it three times in a row without coming off as pompous. If you couldn’t tell by the name, LAZER LAZER LAZER definitely falls into this rare category. Dub-step, Electro-Kill, Moombah-Core at it’s finest.

Sounds Like: Knife Party

Song That Sold Me: “Human” by Krewella (LAZER LAZER LAZER Remix)

Lost Kings


012314_Top_New_Artists_Lost Kings

The Lost Kings play fondling music in their spare time in between oddly lit photo-shoots. But that’s okay, what else would you do in Los Angeles besides go to In-N-Out or pretend like you don’t work in some sort of creative industry? Also side-note, does one of the Lost Kings look like Johnny Manziel or is it just me?

Sounds Like: Dirty South

Song That Sold Me: “This Side of Paradise” by Hayley Kiyoko (Lost Kings Remix)




Anyone that lives in Milwaukee must be an OG – because if you live in Milwaukee and aren’t 65+ or below the poverty line, chances are you’re one of three things:

1. A drug-dealer.

2. A lover of Miller Lite.

3. A Marquette student.

4. All of the above.

Melvv doesn’t fall into any of the above, but that’s okay because he produces music I like to listen to. Which doesn’t happen very often.

Sounds Like: Galantis & Lindsay Stirling

Song That Sold Me: “Hopeful” by Melvv




Another producer from Los Angeles. When are artists going to stop flocking to the city that sometimes sleeps? Probably when global warming finally takes over and gets nominated for an Oscar. Until then, I can live with NGHTMRE running train on night-clubs across the greater state of California. Well done, trap man.

Sounds Like: Flume & RL Grime

Song That Sold Me: “Live This Nightmare” by The Griswolds (NGHTMRE Remix)




PANG! Say it with me now. PANG PANG! It sounds like a noise that should be coming out of Rob Riggle’s mouth. Stockholm, Sweden – you’ve done it again you miserable city you. Deep house is becoming a thing, and PANG! helped steer the ship.

Sounds Like: Robin Schulz & Wakermat

Song That Sold Me: “Wake Me Up” by Avicii (PANG! Slow Things Down Mix)




All it took was one song and I was hooked. Oshi (not Yoshi) defies modern physics with each and every new release, and he belongs on this list as much as anyone. With a unique, experimental style; Oshi will soon rule the Kingdom of Future.

Sounds Like: Cashmere Cat

Song That Sold Me: “i carmacked bastille” by Oshi




Is that a dragon in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Fire out of Venice, CA this year in the form of REVOKE. And no, that’s not a new type of Indica making headway across state lines. Although if it was, it would probably be called Future OG Trap – and its creator would be whatever REVOKE’s real name is. Maybe it’s REVOKE?

Sounds Like: What So Not

Song That Sold Me: “Take Me Home” by Cash Cash (REVOKE Remix)




The one name that will cause skeptics to write negative comments on this article is staring you right in the face. SNBRN has created his own form of tropical house known as Indie Disco Tropical Deeper Than A Crater House. It’s currently trending in Los Angeles, where SNBRN hails from.

Sounds Like: A less tropical Kygo (but still a little tropical)

Song That Sold Me: “Let’s Ride” by The Game (SNBRN Remix)

Summer Was Fun



Was summer fun? Summer Was Fun, at least in Chicago. And based on their logo, Summer Was Fun was having some fun in the summer because their summer was fun in the sun. Annoyed yet? Just play the damn song you happy hippies.

Sounds Like: Sub Focus & Owl City

Song That Sold Me: “Sine Language” by Summer Was Fun

Zac Waters


012314_Top_New_Artists_Zak Waters

Last but certainly not least is another Melbourne, Australia native in the form of a human being named Zak Waters. Note to Zak: your logo’s font could use some work. I literally can’t read what it says. Might want to change up graphic designers. Your music, on the other hand – don’t change a thing. Keep on bouncin’.

Sounds Like: Will Sparks

Song That Sold Me: “Fade” by Adventure Club (feat. Zac Waters)