With the stacked lineup Euphoria Music Festival is offering, here are our must-see artists from the weekend. You can’t say we didn’t warn you if you skip any of these sets.

Jai Wolf


This NYC producer started his trek into the depths of electronic music producing mash-ups under the name No Pets Allowed, just as RL Grime had done as Clockwork, and in 2014, Jai Wolf was formed. His chilling and unique sound started making waves in the EDM scene big enough for Skrillex (OWSLA) and Diplo (Mad Decent) to take notice.

In mid 2014, the popular remix of Skrillex’s single “Ease My Mind” established Jai Wolf’s name, bringing in over 5 million hits on Soundcloud. He has continued to make some seriously spine chilling tunes that tip-top across genres making you want to cry.


G Jones


This producer has quickly climbed to one of my personal favorites over the last year. The insanely talented producer goes by the name G Jones, and has been one of the pioneers of this unique and innovative underground genre filled with dubby, trappy, straight up weird bass music that’s been spreading like wildfire. He first started drawing notice from key artists like DJ Shadow and Bleep Bloop, and eventually connected with the king of bass: Bassnectar. In an interview with Bassrush, G Jones explained first linking up with Lorin:

“Literally one day he followed me on Twitter and sent me this message: ‘What Up G Jones!!!’ Turns out he had been listening to my music for a bit and wanted to get me as support on some of his shows. We started chatting more and I started sending him my unreleased tunes.”

Since then, he has continued to work alongside Bassnectar, releasing his remix for “Don’t Hate the 808”, and then went on to co-produce “The Mystery Spot” from Into The Sun with him. While his production skills are impeccable, his live sets are a whole other animal.







Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Goldfish is bringing Euphoria some eclectic, funky house music this year. Infusing live instruments into their performances, the mix of their deep sounding productions with jazzy instrumentals adds a one of a kind element to their shows.

Seeing this duo live always fills the crowd with crazy positive energy, bringing out this excitement you can feel as Goldfish energetically puts you in a daze on stage. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes for this set.


Big Wild


I had the opportunity to photography ODESZA a couple of years ago in Columbia, MO. Though I didn’t recognize Big Wild‘s name at the time as one of the openers, I still made sure I was there to see what he was all about. Halfway through his set, I knew this man was going to be big, and for all the right reasons. This emerging producer creates very uplifting, bass heavy tunes, comparable to the music from Flume and ODESZA.

Having been almost entirely self taught in all of his music talents, Big Wild truly delivers a performance when playing live. Incorporating numerous instruments into his sets, he creates this melodic, almost tribal electronic music sound. This will definitely be one of the sets you will remember for years.


Wave Racer


This Australian producer from Sydney has been one of the most under-appreciated artists for the last two years (at least in the states). Wave Racer is one of the most played artists on Australian national broadcaster Triple J while also appearing frequently on BBC Radio 1.

“His signature sound is a blend of pixelated future-funk that is reminiscent of Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. Wave Racer has taken on everything from mind-bending Jersey Club anthems to modern hip hop instrumentals, proving how versatile his production style is.” (via The Future.fm)

Originality and uniqueness is hard to come by these days in electronic music, but Wave Racer has continued to provide us with a breath of fresh air through his distinctive sound and approach at music production.


Shiba San


Mysterious French DJ and producer Shiba San’s deep connection with music, specifically hip hop, is well known. It forms his infectious, ghetto leaning deep house for labels like the influential San Fran label Dirtybird and Amine Edge & DANCE’s hotter than hot House outlet Cuff. Fusing classic analogue sounds with current technology, his rock-solid productions make for a truly personal sound. As a DJ, too, he brings supreme dexterity and a deep selection of sounds from every inch of the spectrum. (via Insomniac)

If you happen to be walking past the stage while Shiba San is playing this year, I am almost positive that his signature subtle bass line and build up will draw you in like a fly to a bug zapper, and then get smacked with a groove drop making you wonder if you really can go one more deeper.


Andrew Luce


The first time I ever heard of Andrew Luce was when I opened one of the top posts on /r/trap of a 16 year old kid I never heard of doing an AMA (ask me anything). He linked his most recent remix of “Day N Nite”, which had me floored. First breaking into the music scene by remixing popular hip-hop and R&B records and turning them into these unique, almost dark tracks with so much individuality, Andrew Luce made it clear that age means nothing.

The trap prodigy began focusing on producing original tracks, taking inspiration from artists like Mr. Carmack and Flume, and dropping some of the crunchiest trap anthems ever heard. He’s released music with other key players in the trap genre like Vincent (formerly XVII) and Dr. Fresch, and shows no signs of slowing down.