After purchasing three Glacier Freezes and a sausage & egg croissant from 7-Eleven, I am now ready to give my recap of Spring Awakening Music Festival 2015. 

Right after I microwave this sausage & egg croissant. 

The news of a 19-year-old being found dead outside Soldier Field last night is tough to stomach. It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Steve Vongkoth was at Spring Awakening, but we can only imagine he was by connecting the dots of common sense.

Here’s the report from ABC7 Chicago:

1. All I heard about yesterday was Jack Ü. 

I couldn’t go to Day 2 because my brother recently got engaged. And when people get engaged, they have this thing called an ‘engagement party,’ of which I was forced to attend as his brother. This meant that I was unable to see Skrillex & Diplo in their first Midwest performance as Jack Ü on Saturday night.

Although they played rather early on Saturday (6:30 p.m.), the superpower couple was still the most talked about show of the entire weekend. Naturally.

2. The stages were better. 

This is more of an expectation, so I don’t feel the need to go into much detail. If you’re going to succeed as a music festival, you have to jack up the production quality each and every year. It’s what brings the artists back and it’s what brings the audience back.

Spring Awakening’s production quality was overall better than last year, which is a plus. Good job doing your job, SAMF.

3. I am having Zeds Dead withdrawals.

Most of the reason for my broken-down frame of mind today is because I was at the Zeds Dead aftershow last night. 

I might have gone to bed at 5 a.m., but thanks to Zeds Dead I feel great. 

Prior to Sunday, I was ashamed to admit that I’d never seen them perform live. As an avid supporter of just about everything Mad Decent, Zeds Dead displayed why they deserve the label ‘phenomenal.’

With a corrupted, bass-heavy sound that can only be explained through listening to it – these producers have created a noise that is truly unmatched.

Their oddly-inspired name (a line from the movie Pulp Fiction) is just as phenomenal as their oddly-inspired music. Over the years, tracks like “Cowboy” and “Bustamove” have shown us their brilliance for bizarre dance music. Recently, their hit with Twin Shadow (“Lost You”) attests to their ability to make a splash in any corner of electronic.

Both of their sets at Spring Awakening were equally impressive, and each took on a post-apocalyptic life of their own.

Bottom line: Zeds Dead is freakishly talented. And most of all, they’re a fucking riot to experience live.

4. If you have a cracked iPhone screen, do not let your phone get rained on.

If you have a shattered iPhone and let it get rained on, there’s a 95% chance you’ll break your speakers. I completely made that statistic up, but I learned this lesson the hard way when I woke up this morning and had no audio on any of the videos I took yesterday. 


5. Pins are in.

I’d noticed more of them throughout the day, but at the Zeds Dead after party last night, some guy came up to me and asked me if I had any “pins.”

I thought he asked for mints, which is a term for ecstasy. Needless to say, my reaction was very confusing to him but what I did learn is that “pins” are all the hype right now.

Many bros wear them on their hats, specifically a snapback. Some people wear them on backpacks or even their shoes. The possibilities are really endless.

Then, festival goers will go up to other bros and trade pins with them. It’s a way to establish memories, and also meet unique people that share similar interests. Come to think of it, more people in the world should exchange pins.

Do you sell pins or have any input on this ‘pin’ phenomenon? Send us an email:

6. 18 and up was a great call. 

This year, the festival limited access to those 18 years of age and older. In return, the crowd was noticeably more bearable.

Not to mention, there weren’t any 16-year-olds making everybody else (like me) feel too old to be there.

Good call, SAMF.

7. This was a good start for Chicago’s summer music festivals. 

Obviously, Spring Awakening has cemented itself as one of Chicago’s major music festivals.

Aside from Lollapalooza, it’s probably become the largest in size and production next to North Coast. From Martin Garrix at the Mid Friday night to Skrillex eating steak at RPM, we heard nothing but good things about EDM’s invasion of Chicago this weekend.

(For a general collection of videos and photos from the weekend, head here.)