Before playing a legendary sold out show at Madison Square Garden a few weeks back, Above and Beyond made a stop at Google HQ in New York City for a Google Hangout to discuss their third studio album, We Are All We Need.

In the 40 minute long interview, the London-based trio dropped some interesting facts about the album, including how the name was decided, how each vocalist was selected, and what it was like playing at Madison Square Garden.

One of their members, Jono, gave some insightful motivation into his production process:

“One of the most amazing things about music is that, when you do write something, someone else can listen to that piece of music and be taken to that exact same place. That’s just the most incredible thing… it’s not something we are taught in school how to interpret music, music is a universal world wide language and I cant think of anything else that is quite like that.”

Above & Beyond’s We Are All We Need brings the theme of positive, humanistic relationships with one another and how these friendships affect our lives. The new album features guest vocals from Zoe Johnston, Alex Vargas, and Justine Suissa. By pre-ordering the album, you will be able to immediately download the two tracks that have already premiered from the album, “Blue Sky Action” and “Sticky Fingers”.

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