They say that crowns are reserved for kings, that jewels are the realm of those who deserve them. And in a blink of an eye, in the changing of the wind, fortunes change. With every ship wreck, comes the chance to begin again. To rebuild anew, atop the mistakes of the past. Out of death comes life. We come to you with the soul of a proud knight. And the trashed filled mind, of a

To rebuild anew, atop the mistakes of the past. Out of death comes life. We come to you with the soul of a proud knight. And the trashed filled mind, of a laser bathed socialite.

Let us begin the story now. Abandon Ship.



Any tale worth telling (and this one certainly is) introduces the story by garnering the audiences’ attention. For Knife Party, that mean’t using track one to “Reconnect” the listener to a world once known.


After quite the fitting introduction, Knife Party continues on the Abandon Ship with a track reminiscent of Rage Valley. “Resistance” uses those quintessentially haunted chops and 80’s infused synths to create another up-beat, electro banger for all of our dedicated Knife-Heads out there. Tell your boyfriend to head to the pharmacy – it’s about to get bloody.

Boss Mode

“Boss Mode” plays as just that – a mode worthy of boss-status. If Bowser and Ganondorf had a baby, and that baby ended up becoming a music producer, and his style of music was electro-house, then his first song would sound like this song. Too much?

EDM Trend Machine

We’re not sure if “EDM Trend Machine” was Knife Party’s version of mocking what’s hot in electronic dance music or if this was an actual attempt at producing deep house. One way or the other, this groovy and soulful track works for Knife Party, and we’d like to see some more exploration into this specific sub-genre.


“When we say computer, we mean the electronic computer.”

“404” acts as a reminder from Knife Party to remember your digital roots -which is the computer. And for those less technologically inclined than the rest of us, “404” refers to not found, an HTTP standard response code that acts as an error message when the server cannot find what was requested.

There, now your on your way to programming for the World Wide Web.

Begin Again

This track represents the only mainstream side of Knife Party that you’ll find on this album. “Begin Again” acts as a more progressive, up-beat sound and tacky, boy-band lyrics to attract a different type of crowd. This particular demographic probably should stay away from one of Knife Party’s concerts – or else they’re in for a rude awakening.

Give It Up

Song number seven may be my favorite on the album – “Give It Up” drops the way a dub-step song should be dropped. With a hard-hitting bass line and a grimy melody worthy of Oscar the Grouch’s iPod, this reggae infused anthem will have you in corn rows before you know it.


The devil is in my heart, at least for one song. “D.I.M.H.” bumps up the tempo – and the resulting mood is nothing short of exuberant. Using some tribal drums and a groovy set of vocals reminiscent of classic Chicago House, this song was produced for Satan himself. Or his teenage daughter. Paris Hilton?


Wake up, turn off the alarm, stretch those lungs, and…..OH MY GOD. I have a “Micropenis.” How did I not see this before? And why did Knife Party have to write a song about it? Well, I guess the whole world knows now, so I might as well dance like there’s no tomorrow and shake my little micro-wiener until the fat lady sings.


Are you a “Superstar”? Probably not, but maybe listening to track 10 can summon your super strength for just one song. This track has Madeon-esque disco written all over it, with a side of Michael Jackson on vocals. And if it’s not Michael Jackson, then they’ve successfully cloned his voice in this track. I’m sold.

Red Dawn

Not really a fan of this one. That’s about all I have to say about “Red Dawn”. Knife Party tried to use some sort of Middle-Eastern string quartet that really just wasn’t working for this album. However, I’ll let it slide seeing as the rest of the album suffices, but only this once.


Now that’s more like it. “Kaleidoscope” represents the journey that is Abandon Ship. It endlessly builds to a climax that you never want to actually hit because the progression is almost greater than the drop itself – which doesn’t exist. A fitting way to close out the album, “Kaleidoscope” acts as the captain, steering our souls into oblivion.