In case you haven’t heard, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are basically Facebook official.

Just type “Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift” into Google, and you’ll find as much over-analysis of their seemingly blossoming relationship as you need.

Of course, it all started last month when TMZ reported that Harris and Swift were seen shopping together and that they’re also definitely banging.

Naturally, this is a big deal. Whether you like their music or not, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are easily two of the biggest names in the industry. So, with their couple status looking stronger by the day, there’s two notable conclusions we can make at this time.

1. If they get married, their kids are going to be really tall. (Swift is 5’10” and Harris is 6’5”)

2. Assuming they do become a mainstay, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are instantly in the conversation for music’s biggest power couple.

Obviously, that title currently belongs to Jay-Z and Beyonce. If there were a picture next to ‘power couple’ in the dictionary, it would be of these two.

Long before the two got married in 2008, they each had become music icons. Now, seven years later, Jay-Z and Beyonce together are essentially the rulers of the free world. Their net worth as a couple is estimated at north of $1 billion, and they’ve combined for a ridiculous 39 Grammy Awards.

But moving forward, the potential combination of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift is quite intriguing. Swift’s music is possibly the most polarizing in the industry today, but as one of the best-selling artists of all time she’s clearly doing something right.

So is her new boyfriend, who might as well be the current King of Electronic Music. Harris broke the record for most top ten hits from one album on the UK singles chart, passing the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, with 2012’s 18 Months

2014 was the second consecutive year Forbes named Calvin Harris as the world’s highest-earning DJ – and 2015 probably will be the same story. As of now, the 31-year-old has an estimated net worth of $70 million. 

Swift, just 25, is at a whopping $200 million. You can see why the duo would make for a hell of a music power couple.

If Harris and Swift’s relationship is long-term, there’s no doubt the two would make a collaboration together. After mega-jams in the past with female stars Ellie Goulding, Rihanna and Florence Welch – Taylor Swift seems like the ideal fit for Calvin Harris’ next one.

Jay-Z and Beyonce clearly have a larger influence outside of just their music. Jay-Z himself owns a sports agency, a stake of the Brooklyn Nets, and a clothing line. Most recently, the couple was at the forefront of new streaming service Tidal. However, seeing as it could fail miserably, their net worth might not get the boost they’re envisioning.

Clearly, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have a long way to go on the business/entrepreneurial side of things.

But as two of the highest-grossing artists in the world, and still incredibly young, music’s next power couple could become a reality sooner than we think (as long as they can stay faithful).

Which for Taylor Swift, should be as easy as writing “Love Story”.

(Featured Image courtesy of Pixabay, Calvin Harris’ Instagram,
Taylor Swift VEVO, Hot Gossip Italia, Joella Marano)