EDM continues to lead the charge in music’s diversification of genres. 

Technically speaking, music has always been the by-product of innovation and inspiration. For as long as art has existed, bright minds have merged their talents with the creations of those before them. But in a modern day of music where almost every track is produced electronically, crisscrossing genres is more prevalent than ever. 

Driving back from a week of solitary confinement in Minnesota earlier today, I decided to turn on Sirius BPM to hear what all the cool kids are listening to these days. After hearing “Lean On” by Major Lazer an alarming number of times, Audien’s new song with Lady Antebellum popped up on the screen of my rental car. 

Wait, what? 

After a second look, it was clear that my eyes were not deceiving me. Audien, a progressive house DJ/producer, and Lady Antebellum, a country band, collaborated on an original song together. 

While “Something Better” is catchy upon a first listen, the context behind it makes the track quite unique. If we’re being blunt, one might even call it groundbreaking. 

Perhaps this trend was sparked by the mashups of Girl Talk. Or, perhaps it began when Skrillex collaborated with The Doors in “Breakin A Sweat” or when Avicii infused folk with house music in ‘True.’ Nonetheless, Audien and Lady Antebellum constitute one of the most notable developments in the declassification of music we’ve seen so far in 2015.