As if FIFA fanatics needed another reason to get excited, EA Sports announced the big news about some of the names behind the upcoming FIFA ’15‘s EDM-centric soundtrack.

While the insanely-popular video game will include an electronic identity playlist like previous years, EA Sports has taken the game’s musical counterpart one step further.

Not only will the soundtrack feature over 40 tracks from artists across the world, but the in-game headliners include big names like Foster the People, The Kooks, Rudimental, A-Trak, Madeon, Elliphant, and possibly the biggest name of all: Avicii.

The soundtrack of FIFA has always been a keen source of up-and-coming trends or tracks in music, largely in part to the massive (and relevant) exposure that the game provides. Over the years, artists like Fatboy Slim and LCD Soundsystem have ripped the waves of the game’s soundtrack, and this year is by no means an exception.

Of course, the game’s inclusion of Avicii comes at an odd time.

Recently, Avicii’s management announced that the Swedish progressive-house superstar cancelled all of his remaining shows for 2014 due to lingering health concerns. While his representatives told Billboard that the tour stops have only been “suspended”, issues connected to the removal of the artist’s gallbladder and appendix suggest that the term “cancelled” may have been more fitting.

“At Night Management has tabled all touring and promotional activities for Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, until further notice so that he can fully recuperate from lingering health issues…the international superstar is taking a break at home in Stockholm so he can regain his strength and physical well-being before the release of a new album project next year.”

Although concerned, his fan base must be getting somewhat skeptical – considering Bergling cancelled his performance at Ultra Music Festival for the same reason all the way back in March.

Since the release of his groundbreaking, folk-infused album, True, the superstar lifestyle has clearly taken a toll on Avicii. His Asian tour in October, residencies in Las Vegas and headlining slot at TomorrowWorld next weekend have all been dropped.

According to Dancing Astronaut, Avicii will be releasing a song off of his new album, titled “The Nights.” Madeon will unleash “Imperium,” and A-Trak teamed up with Andrew Wyatt for the release of “Push.”

But as mentioned above, the true significance of this announcement from EA Sports remains to be the underlying health concerns of the soundtrack’s biggest name. And now, the fact that within one day of posting – EA Sports has removed the video from their YouTube.

For years, dedicated EDM fans have watched Avicii grow into an all-out pop star. And while some contest his decision to “sell out” is evident, it’s difficult for anybody to deny the impact that Avicii’s funky, revolutionary spin on house music has had on not just EDM, but music in general.

Whether or not Avicii’s health will come around, we can only hope.

But suggestions that he’s continued to work on his new album is not only an optimistic sign for his health, but something for his fans to look forward to if and when he does return. And while the decision to “suspend” all of his upcoming shows is certainly to ensure his recovery, the timing should work in EA Sports’ favor.

Because if nothing else, it will add more drama to an already intriguing market stunt. And after a few listens last night (while the YouTube link was still live), “The Nights” will surely be a hit in the non-virtual world as well.

It remains to be seen whether or not fans will purchase the video game with the sole, or primary, purpose of hearing these new tracks. But if I were a betting man, I’d say FIFA ’15 should see a nice bump in sales from the previous releases.

And sick or not, that will still have a lot to do with Avicii.

(Cover photo courtesy of the Avicii’s Facebook page)