For a third year, Avicii made headlines as a result of Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.

In 2013, he sampled all of the ensuing hits from his unconventional, folk-infused album, True. Last year, Avicii was a no-show due to illness. And this year, he repeated his 2013 approach in the midst of his next album, Stories. 

Avicii waited a few weeks to release his live set, like the male diva that he is. But when you produce the best music out there, nobody cares. Just like he did at the festival in 2013, the Swedish superstar revealed an appetizer for his next album; causing an uprise in comment board trolling at the expense of Avicii.

Our question for them: why the hell did you listen to it then?

New release after new release, people dog on Avicii. But then, everybody still listens to his music.

More people need to come out and say it. I’m coming out from beneath the shadows because I’m not afraid to say I love Avicii.

I still listen to his music all the time. And I saw him in concert when he came to the All State Arena last May (if that’s still what it’s called).

As you can hear from the last 20-minutes of his set from Ultra 2015, the producer continues drifting into different directions and genres while taking his quintessential progressive house sound along with him. And of course, it’s catchy as shit.

Unlike True, this album doesn’t seem to have one overriding influence or purpose, as Avicii has told other sources the album is “song-focused.”

Using some type of technology that only allows this web page to appear on mobile devices, Avicii released his set from Ultra Music Festival long after the event itself.

Why? Because he’s Avicii and he can do whatever he wants.

If you’re mad about it, then why don’t you go produce dozens of record-breaking electronic songs. But before you do, fast forward 53 minutes into this set, and listen to “What Would I Change It To” with AlunaGeorge.

It is amazing.