As of the first week of November, Stories has sold one million copies worldwide.

The album took two years to make.

Describing the album, Avicii said: “It’s going to be a lot more song-oriented.”

Which makes sense, seeing as the album took Avicii two years to make and features collaborative ideas from over 70 original songs.

Stories is the second studio album by Swedish DJ and producer Avicii. It was released on October 2, 2015, through PRMD and Island.

The album includes a highly notable list of some of the finest music producers and songwriters our planet has to offer, including but not limited to:

Salem Al FakirAlex Ebert, Carl Falk, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Martin Garrix, Dhani Lennevald, Ash Pournouri, Albin Nedler, and Vincent Pontare on several of the tracks.

Collaborators include Jon Bon Jovi, Billie Joe Armstrong, Chris Martin, Wyclef Jean, Serj Tankian and Matisyahu to name a few.

Even though three of the tracks (“Waiting for Love,” “Pure Grinding,” and “For a Better Day”) and three promotional singles (“Broken Arrows,” “Ten More Days,” and “Gonna Love Ya”) were released prior to the full album, Avicii and his sophomore album, Stories, brought with it an army of evidence proving his continued dominance of electronic dance music.

Waiting for Love


Writers: Tim Bergling, Simon Aldred, Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare
Producers: Tim Bergling, Martijn Garritsen, Al Fakir Pontare

Thank the stars it’s Friday
I’m burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
Guess I won’t be coming to church on Sunday
I’ll be waiting for love, waiting for love
To come around.

Those very pronounced piano chords immediately brought me back to Avicii’s former hit single, “You Make Me”. At first I couldn’t get a feeling for the drop.

It was going to go one of two ways: folk-infused “Wake Me Up” Avicii or old-school progressive “I Could Be The One” Avicii.

Funny enough, it was a healthy, matured mix of the two.

Waiting for Love” was officially released on May 22nd, 2015 and features vocals from Simon Aldred of Cherry Ghost.

Talk to Myself


Writers: Tim Bergling, Sterling Fox, Matt Hartke, Alex Drury
Producers: Tim Bergling, Carl Falk, Ash Pournouri

Some nights I talk to myself, I say the words that I could say to no one else. And some nights I talk in my sleep, I say the words I never said when you were with me.

This song is funky, but not disco funky.

This kind of disco is more relatable.

That type of disco that you’d call late at night to walk you home from the bar and would safely tuck you in at night.

Yes, it has disco-style strings in it, but the quick bass line, piano in the background, and synthetic drums give it more of an 80’s dance vibe. So much mixture with various sounds and blurred genres I almost can’t go on…but I must.

Touch MeAvicii

Writers: Tim Bergling, Adriano Buffone, Gerrard O’Connell, Celeste Waite, Ash Pournouri
Producers: Tim Bergling

When you feel me up against your bones
Now don’t you tell me to leave you alone.

Funky bass line, a smooth piano vibes, a simple melody and my favorite vocals on the album.

If Big Gigantic and Chromeo had a baby, but that baby couldn’t play sax, that baby would produce this song.

Ten More Days


Writers: Tim Bergling, Simon Aldred, Zak Abel
Producers: Tim Bergling

I’m torn between fulfilling my wildest dreams
To satisfy the beast inside of me.

The live instruments that Avicii uses on this album are mixed perfectly with the electronic elements.

The melody line in “Ten More Days” is a perfect example. While a bit too minimalistic for my taste, the song itself (minus the vocals) sort of reminds me of early Pink Floyd.

But what do I know. I’m just a doctor.

For a Better Day


Writers: Tim Bergling, Alex Ebert
Producers: Tim Bergling, Alex Ebert

Wish you could find that love is a fragile thing.
Magic call from a pretty thing.
Maybe it might be time.
For a better day.

Mumford & Sons? Is that you?

Bruce? Bruce Springsteen?

Nope. It’s Andrei Kirilenko.

Let this track break into the first verse before judging it. A smooth rhythm with a very pronounced piano line allows “For A Better Day” to progress into quite the delight.

 “For a Better Day” is a song featuring vocals from Alex Ebert. Avicii released it on 28 August 2015.

Broken Arrows


Writers: Tim Bergling, Zac Brown, Eric Turner, Rami Yacoub, Niko Moon
Producers: Tim Bergling, Carl Falk, Ash Pournouri

We have to tear down walls that live in your heart

To find someone you call home
Now you see me for me and my beautiful scars
So take my hand, don’t let go

I want to hate this song so badly.

I just can’t. Has it taken over the radio yet? I don’t listen to it anymore. Seriously, has it? If so I will stop talking about it now. Now. Now.

True Believer


Writers: Tim Bergling, Chris Martin
Producers: Tim Bergling

They say you only live once
So you got me thinking
I’m so glad I found ya
Life’s what you make it, so here it comes

“True Believer” is a healthy mix of mainstream house and disco throughout the drop. The pop vocals bring the song together for a very digestible listen and long time Avicii fans will find it as nostalgic as Dunkaroos.

And did I mention Tim Bergling sings the vocals?

City Lights 

Writers: Tim Bergling, Noonie Bao Oskar, Jonas Wallin, Ash Pournouri
Producers: Tim Bergling, Ash Pournouri

And I don’t even know what’s real
And I don’t know what to feel
I’m the truth in disguise, I’m in love with your lies

“City Lights” is Avicii’s true tribute to his “Levels” heyday. From the very beginning, Once the intro builds up into the break, we get soft vocals followed by epic piano chords and a low synth line. And finally, you know its our good ol’ 2012 Avicii from the repeated synth line that will make the hardest of bros cry. It’s reminiscent of “Silhouettes” and his “Dancing In My Head” remix, which we’re totally ok with.

Pure Grinding


Writers: Tim Bergling, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Albin Nedler, Earl Johnson
Producers: Tim Bergling, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Albin Nedler

Everybody said be cool, you be payin’ your dues
Make a long story short, I got nothin’ to lose

Avicii’s foray into trap did not go unnoticed. If someone were to put on “Been Grinding” without telling you who it was by, you wouldn’t even know it was.

But once you found out who it was, it would definitely make sense. This would be the kind of trap Avicii would make. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s hard to get excited about a lot of trap anymore.

A lot of the mainstream, festival trap sounds the same.

So when you find something refreshing—that sticks out—you really learn to appreciate the creativity that someone is giving to the genre.

Sunset Jesus


Writers: Tim Bergling, Sandro Cavazza, Gavin Degraw, Carl Falk, Savan Kotecha, Dhani Lennevald, Mike Posner, Rami Yacoub
Producers: Tim Bergling, Dhani Lennevald

Staring at the billboard from the bus
Looking at the faces, thinking that could be anyone of us.

The first 10 seconds before the vocals of “Sunset Jesus” would be RHCP’s attempt at country, if they decided to make a whole song based off of those 10 seconds.

The interesting thing about this song, is that if you got rid of the Gavin DeGraw vocals and speed it up about 10-15 BPM, you got yourself another classic Avicii banger.

But the slower pace and happy go-lucky lyrics make this a chiller song that everyone can dance to—yet is still epic in it’s own Avicii right.

Can’t Catch Me


Writers: Tim Bergling, Matthew Miller, Wyclef Jean, Mike Einziger
Producers: Tim Bergling

I was busy building up a reputation
Did a lot of things out of desperation
Back up on my feet, got the motivation
Now I found my faith and a good vibration.

It’s now apparent that this album is all over the place.

I’m now listening to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean 7: One-Legged Pete’s Revenge.

No, this isn’t a bad thing.

For all we know this could be the album that marks Avicii as one of the greatest millennial musicians. Maybe give it five years or so…

Either way, this is ambitious.

Somewhere in Stockholm


Writers: Tim Bergling, Daniel Adams-Ray, Henrik Jonback, Carl Petter, Tarland Oskar, Jonas Wallin
Producers: Tim Bergling

That’s me right there on the corner, listening to Wu in my Walkman.
Neon lights at the water, reflecting the city I’m lost in.

This song reminds me of what Blink-182 would have probably developed into if they were making modern day teen angst music.

Again, not necessarily a bad thing, it’s ambitious. I’m just not sure how a song like this will be received by audiences today.

The way we consume music is not conducive to including music like this that can be difficult to categorize.

But again, this could be an album, that 5 years down the line, we look back on and realize how Avicii’s sophomore album brought about a new kind of infusion of mainstream and electronic music — one that does not exist.



Writers: Tim Bergling, Falk Wayne, Hector Yacoub
Producers: Tim Bergling

I keep on searching for the city of gold
And I’m gonna follow this yellow brick road

This song is a great example of how the majority of Avicii’s music for the past few years can simply be categorized as “pop”. This is not true country, or even country that mainstream America would think of. It’s not trying to be either of those things. It’s more in the realm of Taylor Swift a few years back.

She was sort of considered “country” music by mainstream America, because there was never anything like her that made it onto Top 40 radio (just how there’s not really such thing as country-infused electronic music making it to the masses, other than this Avicii music).

But as time has passed, our culture has been able to recognize, and categorize T-Swift into simply, “pop”. The diversity of all the tracks on Stories should make it apparent to everyone that this album is not trying to be any one thing. And the fact that Avicii has the influence he has on not just a genre of music but a culture, it’s great to see that he’s exposing people to all different kinds of genres by mixing them into something digestible, and sometimes very far ahead of his time.

Gonna Love Ya


Writers: Tim Bergling, Sandro Cavazza, Dhani Lennevald, Ash Pournouri, Marcus Thunberg Wessel
Producers: Tim Bergling, Ash Pournouri, Dhani Lennevald

Livin’ up in California
Lovin’ life but I’ve been waiting for ya
Turn my dreams and twist my fate
But God I hope it’s not too late

This album could not end on a better note than “Gonna Love Ya”. The vocals are funky enough themselves to make the track appealing to dancers and listeners alike.

The balance of the soft verses (sounding like a mix of Kygo and Major Lazer’s “Lean On”) with the electro synths on the drop make this mid-tempo masterpiece a great, diverse way to close out a great album.