Just a few days back (June 23), Beatport launched an embeddable music player that allows any blog, website or social channel to stream any and every track from their extensive library – knowing that artists and rightsholders will receive compensation for each stream.

The SFX Entertainment company introduced their service during a time of continued argumentation over artists receiving royalties over their own songs being played. Just yesterday, Taylor Swift managed to coerce Apple Music’s music streaming brainchild into reciprocating their profits to artists during the 3-month trial period.

“Supporting artists has been a core value at Beatport since day one, and that mission remains as we expand to serving fans with our new streaming service,” said Beatport Executive Creative Director Clark Warner.

“Our embeddable streaming music player not only helps artists promote their music by making it available wherever their fans live online, but we are also taking the necessary steps to pay rightsholders for each listen so artists get paid.”

As of now, every track on Beatport.com includes the iframe embed code alongside icons for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, “hearting” the track on Beatport or purchasing it. With this embeddable option, Beatport now has the ability to stand on its own against other streaming options like Soundcloud.

This new addition alone may not catapult Beatport ahead of Soundcloud in terms of popularity, but it is a step in the right direction during a time of digital music sales and problems surrounding paying artists and rightsholders for their work.