Streaming wars between the biggest tech players in the game like Soundcloud and Spotify show no signs of slowing. Just this morning SFX Entertainment announced a pretty massive content distribution deal involving music and video content between SFX’s Beatport and Spotify. What we have learned is that Beatport is curating a sort of “EDM Hub” on Spotify, including exclusive music releases previously available only on Beatport and programming from SFX festivals and events. This marks the first time Spotify has struck a deal with another music streaming service.

This news comes just one day after SFX Entertainment announced they were appointing a new Beatport CEO. The new President and CEO, Greg Consiglio stated that users “will be the first to access the latest need-to-know exclusive electronic music from Beatport and will also be able to watch to a mix of original festival and event video content.” Festivals such as the globetrotting Tomorrowland/world, Mysteryland USA in Bethel Woods, Sensation, and Amsterdam’s Awakenings Festival.

“Two billion times every month, our listeners discover an artist they’ve never heard of through a Spotify playlist.”

Spotify has more than 20 million paying subscribers and more than 75 million active users. Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has paid over $3 billion to rights holders. It seems to be a good pairing. We should be able to expect to find all our favorite artists’ music available at the click of a button, but probably not that brand new song they just uploaded to Soundcloud.

But, it seems as if Beatport and Spotify aren’t worried about landing that brand new unreleased track though. They want to create a home for Electronic Music Culture (EMC). Although, Spotify’s take on the matter was more about the music rather than the culture aspect. Ken Parks, Chief Content Officer of Spotify said “Two billion times every month, our listeners discover an artist they’ve never heard of through a Spotify playlist. I’m really pleased that we can include Beatport’s new music exclusives to our deep catalogue of both rising and established artists.”

It’s not often we see two heavy weights combine forces like this, so we’ll just have to see where it goes from here. At the very least we will have some new Beatport exclusive music to stream on Spotify instead of being required to purchase it.