Considering we didn’t post our October list of cant-miss Chicago concerts until there were nine days left in the month, we’ll chalk up the fourth day of November as a win.

In all seriousness, Chicago concerts seem to pick up as the temperatures drop – at least when global warming doesn’t push winter back two months like it currently is – and November is no exception. 

Maybe it’s because there’s more to do in the summer, or maybe it’s because they’re overshadowed by all the festivals going on – but the fall and winter months are an ideal time to see a live show in Chicago.

You don’t have to worry about carrying your coat around the bar, or deal with being at a bar in general. It’s kind of like staying in and going out at the same time. The best of both worlds.

Per usual, our must-see Chicago concerts in November consist of all the shows we’re going to – as well as the ones we’d be at if things like time and money weren’t finite entities.

Robert DeLong, 11/5 @ Metro

Dubbed “the one-man futuristic dance party,” nobody possesses an innate ability to mix rock and electronic music quite like Robert DeLong does.

If you weren’t able to join us seeing him at Mamby on the Beach, take our word for it: Robert DeLong’s show is worth every penny. He’s also just coming off the release of his third studio album, In The Cards, which was headlined by addicting single “Don’t Wait Up.”

Do yourself a favor and listen to it below, then do yourself a bigger favor and buy a ticket to his show tomorrow night.

Kendrick Lamar, 11/5 @ Riviera Theatre

Unlike Mr. DeLong, getting a ticket to this one won’t be so easy. After announcing a surprise show at the cozy Concord Music Hall, tickets sold out in a matter of minutes last week.

The show was consequentially moved to the bigger Riviera Theatre, with another round of tickets getting sold yesterday afternoon, but it’s still as sold out as it can be. Kendrick was just in Chicago last month for the WGCI Big Jam, but this one should be an absolute dandy. If you’ve never seen him, we wouldn’t fault you for dropping $135 on Craigslist.

Read our review of “To Pimp A Butterfly” here.

Mac DeMarco, 11/7 @ Metro

Similar to The Weeknd, Mac DeMarco is a talented singer with Canadian roots. That’s about where their similarities stop.

Whatever you want to label DeMarco’s style or genre – he goes with “jizz jazz” – it’s probably safe to say that he’s the best at it. Four years after working jobs like a road paver on the side, DeMarco released his fourth studio album – Another One – in August.

Combining original vocals with jangly guitar strums, DeMarco is exactly what you’d look for in a relaxing live blues show.

RAC, 11/13 @ Concord Music Hall

An easy choice. Like we said after seeing Andre Allen Anjos and his crew kill it at North Coast in September, RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is what you could call a “lock” for a live show.

Concord should prove to be an ideal setting for RAC’s lengthy list of feel-good singles from 2014’s Strangers. 

You can buy tickets to Andre and the rest of RAC’s show right here.

Mako, 11/19 @ The MID

We were able to catch a glimpse of the duo at Lollapalooza, and it was a memorable 20-minute glimpse. That’s probably because Logan Light and Alex Seaver have arguably the most compelling backstory in EDM.

Seaver, a Julliard student, had never experienced anything other than classical music before 2011 – when Light took him to EDC in Las Vegas. Their first release, “Beam,” is a certified jam and has launched the duo’s promising career. They’ll be fun as hell at The Mid too, and tickets are only $10.

ODESZA, 11/21 @ Aragon Ballroom (Early and late shows)

Another one of our clear highlights at Lollapalooza, it’s hard to find somebody who doesn’t at least mildly enjoy ODESZA’s brand of electronic hip-hop jazz.

The duo from Seattle have effectively blown up since their massively successful second album, In Return, dropped last September. That insane popularity was confirmed when they had to add an “early show” at Aragon – because the late one sold out in about 10 minutes.

Lucky for you, there are still tickets to the early show.

Lupe Fiasco, 11/25 @ Concord Music Hall

If spending Black Wednesday at a hip hop concert is your thing then Lupe Fiasco will be rocking out Concord Music Hall the day before Thanksgiving. We personally won’t be attending the Chicago product’s homecoming because he hasn’t made good music since Ja Rule was relevant. But we have a hard time believing Lupe won’t pack the house at this intimate venue in his hometown.

Hopefully something political doesn’t happen that week. Either way, buy your tix here.

Seven Lions, 11/27 @ Concord Music Hall

Two weeks after RAC, the man known as Seven Lions will close down November with another can’t miss show at Concord. Jeff Montalvo has separated himself in the trance genre of EDM since launching his career in earnest in 2011, as he’s shown with mega-jams “Don’t Leave” (ft. Ellie Goulding) and “Strangers” (ft. Tove Lo).

Those two hits embody Montalvo’s go-to formula of featuring top female vocalists on top of his production, but his show at Concord should have a bit of everything. Tickets should sell out soon, but there are still plenty of general admission seats available.