Some time ago, we wrote about this amazing band, Gray Era Brass. 

The tuba-led group started in the Chicago blues scene with a bang, and has been growing quickly. We knew that Amir Tubad Gray (the band’s leader) and his blues/jazz/soul-fused group were pretty awesome. And apparently, we weren’t the only ones.

FOX studios recently called up Amir and asked him if he and his band wanted to be on the upcoming show Empire. Yeah, that FOX studios.

The upcoming 2015 show Empire stars Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon – a thug-turned-CEO of “Empire Entertainment,” who must beat his illness in order to prepare his sons to take over the literal empire.

So the show-runners gave Amir a ring. And I mean, what are you going to say?

“No, Fox studios. No thank you.”

So in just six months, Amir and Gray Era have gone from a funky little band getting some minor gigs to being on television. But don’t be discouraged – there’s still time to see him in person before you see him on the biggest billboard in Chicago.

This coming Thursday, Amir and Gray Era Brass are performing at Room 43 at 7 PM as a tribute to the famous early 1900’s ragtime pianist and musician, Jelly Roll Morton.

Their “Jazz from the Past” show is something that truly embodies what Gray Era Brass is all about. For a group filled with youth, Gray Era Brass has an old heart and spirit – connecting the sound of the past with young, original appeal.

Amir is aiming to do more of these tribute shows, keeping the traditional sound and style that Gray Era has become known (and recognized) for.

Check out Gray Era Brass at their tribute show to Jelly Roll Morton and many more to come. The show is from 7 to 10 PM this Thursday, November 20th.

The tickets are $20 for pre-order and $25 at the door. But hurry, they’re going fast.

Here’s some more information:

For more on Gray Era Brass, check out their Facebook.


(Featured photo courtesy of Carlyn Hill)