A few years ago, I came across a song that would inevitably change my taste in music forever.

I was driving down Belmont Avenue on a cold, autumn day in Chicago, completing my weekend errands while simultaneously (and illegally) browsing the deep web for the latest and greatest in this new fad known as EDM.

Back then, it wasn’t even called EDM. The phrase came about as mainstream America took it’s stronghold on the industry, creating an acronym synonymous with drugs, raves and glow-sticks.

As I perused my iPhone trying to find the next big hit to show off to all of my friends, I never expected to hear what I heard on that epic day back in 2011.

The song was called “Bounce” by an artist  called TON!C.

When the song dropped at the 1:00 mark, I knew I had come across something ground-breaking. However, I never would have thought that one song could single handedly start the next revolution in dance music.

The genre of Bounce was born, but the real question at hand still remained unanswered: who is this TON!C, and why had nobody heard of him before?

Erick Orrosquieta (formerly known as TON!C) began DJ-ing at the age of 14, playing for local gigs in his hometown of West Covina (not far from downtown Los Angeles). Raised in a Mexican household, Erick has been taking the EDM scene by storm through his exuberant, hard-hitting big-room bounce sound.

Deorro’s rise to fame started with an opportunity to remix a song for DJ/producer Chuckie, titled “Make Some Noise”.  The remix landed in the top-50 on Beatport, and producers across the world started taking notice.

Last May, Deorro announced on Twitter that he would be taking a break from DJ-ing to focus more on making music and expanding his record label, PandaFunk.

In the eyes of Deorro, Pandafunk is really just a movement inspired by the talented and honest musicians striving to make music regardless of money or success.

“Our mission is to discover up-and-coming talent, develop these artists, and share their art with the world.” – Pandafunk.com

Stand up fellows like Deorro are rare in today’s music industry. Only the most unique and heavily-dedicated artists will find the time to pay back the fans that inspire them on a daily basis.

In an interview with Boston EDM, Deorro said:

“I took that movie, ‘Pay It Forward’ and I collected my little handful that I could teach personally, and now they actually have their own students that they teach. They are helping out other people, helping people out online, doing exactly what I did. It was the best that I could do and that’s what we are. We are just a big movement.”

His creative process is unlike any artist currently making electronic dance music, which directly correlates back to his determined mindset in the studio and behind the decks.

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While starting his record label, Deorro took a step back before diving in.

Before he started making music, he fell in love with a variety of genres including hip-hop, rock, country, you name it. Before he would start creating a track, Deorro would take all of the insight gained from listening to each specific genre and cater his sound accordingly.

“All it is is translating a story through music. Open your mind. Do what you can do to express yourself and tell a story through the song you are making. Anything can inspire you.”

While Deorro may be known for his club-smashing original hits, Erick enjoys collaborating with other artists in order to develop his own sound as well as furthering the careers of other aspiring artists at the same time.

Over the next year, Deorro will be catering his time towards completing his calling in life. His goal early on was plain and simple – to inspire people.


Deorro doesn’t want to be remembered as merely a musician. He wants his name to live beyond the music he creates, beyond the accolades and awards.

“I want to be remembered and looked upon in the same way as how others look at Martin Luther King. Someone who stood up and helped people. People look up to their favorite artist and when they go to meet them they expect them to be arrogant or very cocky, I don’t want to be known as that.”

His humbleness comes at a good time, as Deorro was the highest new entry on the DJ Mag Top 100 list, coming in at No. 19.

And if that number seems a bit to high on the chart for your liking, you must not have heard either of his latest hits.

Deorro proves time and time again that the life you choose to live depends on the person you choose to be. Fame and glory aside, Deorro represents a new age of music. An age where the proof lies in the music itself, and nothing else matters.

For Deorro, it all started with a bounce.

(Quotes by BostonEDM.com)