This story was originally published on 1/20/2016. Scroll to bottom for most recent updates.

An intrepid is defined as fearless or adventurous – typically for rhetorical or humorous effect. Now, it will likely become known as the secret, collaborative project of Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead.

Although only 16 followers on Twitter as of the writing of this post, the first release from Intrepids was shockingly good. So shocking, that there’s no way an unknown 14-year-old in Brazil could have the resources or talent to produce such a masterful track.

Their remix of “How Low Can U Go” sounds like what would happen if an angel had sex with Flux Pavilion and Oliver Heldens and then somehow made one baby with both of them. Yeah, I know, electronic music is crazy dude.

More info on Intrepids include being from Canada (Zeds Dead) and that they’re “friends making music at the hotel before shows.” Which, of course, is only something that someone famous would say.

If these connecting dots weren’t enough, keep in mind that Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead are two of the most notable artists on the Mad Decent record label. Similarly, the first song Intrepids released happens to be a remix of Grandtheft, also on Mad Decent’s roster. Now also keep in mind that despite significant parallels in their music, marketing, and overall mission – these artists have never collaborated on any type of project (not even so much as remixing each other’s music).

This, if any, should be one of the most striking stories behind this speculation. Not to mention, both Zeds Dead and Dillon Francis reposted “I Don’t Care” from their personal SoundCloud accounts.

Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead

Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead

And as much as we would love to take credit for being the first to realize the potentially ground-breaking back-story behind Intrepids, we can’t take all the credit. Deep in the bowels of SoundCloud’s comments exists two specific entries dictating an alliance unbeknownst to the rest of the EDM world.

Dillon Francis and Zeds DeadDillon Francis and Zeds DeadThanks, The Peanut Butter Solution. And thanks, Mike R M.

We appreciate the hard work. Keep speculating. Keep evolving. And most of all, keep on keeping on.

Now, onto the reason you read all the way down to this point in the article…some dope ass music.

Intrepids released their first song, a remix of Grandtheft’s “Quit This City”, a mere 10 days ago (January 9th-10th).

Intrepids launched their Facebook page at the end of October and only have 37 people liking the page. That’s less than my grandma.

Needless to say, this story is happily still developing and hopefully will be for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

Suck it.

UPDATE: 1/21/2016

In case you hadn’t seen, our theory above about Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead collaborating under the name ‘Intrepids’ was picked up by the good people at YourEDM yesterday.

After they posted it, Francis predictably denied they are behind Intrepids and said that their SoundCloud accounts were hacked.

So yeah, if multiple artists’ Soundcloud accounts actually got hacked, that’s an even bigger story than Dillon Francis and Zed’s Dead starting a side project. But color us skeptical that those artists would just be finding out about it now.

It’s also a bit odd that Dillon Francis would tweet at the people that “hacked” his account. Not to mention, the Intrepids Twitter account responded to him in only three minutes. (This response tweet has since been deleted.)

YourEDM posted an update earlier this morning, and they also reached out to Intrepids via email to get their side of the story.

Their response: “We have no idea, we only want to make music.”

All in all, Dillon Francis and Zed’s Dead have responded exactly how they would if they are indeed collaborating as Intrepids. Until they don’t, we’re sticking with our story.

Stay tuned.