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These days, whenever I see “new Disclosure single” on Twitter, it doesn’t take very long to click the link.

After all, this week marks two years since the duo from London played a Friday evening set at Lollapalooza 2013 – just one part of the year that saw Howard and Guy Lawrence essentially take over the music world.

The takeover started in earnest when Disclosure released their debut album, Settle, at the end of May that year. Having periodically dropped hit singles “Latch,” “White Noise,” (my favorite) and “You & Me” over the previous seven months, Settle took off quite easily.

Reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and it flew up charts around the world. Eventually, it would be nominated for ‘Best Dance Album’ at the 2014 Grammy’s, and losing out to the legendary Daft Punk at music’s biggest awards ceremony pretty much tells the whole story.

The second half of Disclosure’s monumental 2013 was when their popularity started exploding in the US – especially here in Chicago. That aforementioned Lollapalooza performance came four months after one at Coachella, but just two months after Settle‘s release.

Two months later – a year after “Latch” initially dropped – Disclosure was back in Chicago and sold out their show at the House of Blues without a sweat. Settle had taken legitimate hold, and buzz from the brotherly duo’s excellent Lolla performance spread quickly.

And then last June – when you couldn’t go anywhere in the city without hearing “Latch” in some fashion – the Lawrence brothers sold out another Chicago show, this time at Lincoln Park Zoo.

One of only two ‘Wild Life’ themed shows in the US (featuring Joey Bada$$), that night’s crowd confirmed Disclosure’s popularity had peaked both in the birthplace of house music and across the country. As did their sold-out Lollapalooza aftershow at Aragon Ballroom two months later.

The wake of 2013 had carried well into and through 2014, partly because of the natural delay in UK-born music transferring to the greater U.S. music world.

So you could understand why seeing any trace of new Disclosure music here in 2015 is rather exciting.

The first trace was in early May when they released funky and old-school-Chicago-house inspired jam, “Bang That.”

A few weeks later came “Holding On” with Grammy-winning Jazz vocalist Gregory Porter – which is as smooth as Porter’s voice.

Talk about an easy listen.

While “Bang That” was an enjoyable hello from the duo, “Holding On” was Disclosure’s official ‘yeah world, we’re almost back.’

It’ll serve as the lead single on sophomore album Caracal, which is due out on September 25th.

And the Caracal hype train gained more steam with the leak of single “Moving Mountains” featuring vocalist Brendan Reilly on BBC Radio last Monday (fast forward to the 1:30:00 mark).

Of course, no vocalist is more connected to Disclosure than Sam Smith – who rode “Latch” to worldwide prominence and a headlining slot at Lollapalooza 2015.

So it only makes sense that after teasing us with two new Caracal singles (plus “Bang That”) the brothers Lawrence would drop a third with Smith himself.

And that’s exactly what they did with the release of “Omen” on Monday.

Oh no big deal, just another single with Sam Smith. Nothing to see here.

Time will tell if “Omen” has the explosive hit potential of “Latch” (“Holding On” is my bet), but in the big picture that’s insignificant.

By once again releasing three singles ahead of a full-length album, Disclosure has set themselves up for another worldwide blow up in the impending aftermath of Caracal.

Besides four scheduled U.S. shows in the month after the album’s release – one in L.A., two in Austin and one in New York City – details on the follow-up to 2013’s crazy successful global tour remain to be seen.

But common logic would say that a year or two of touring, with another round of Lollapalooza/Coachella type performances, is certainly on the way. Which should naturally include a few shows in their favorite U.S. destination: Chicago, IL.

Barring a total faceplant on Caracal (which doesn’t even seem possible at this point), it appears that we’re only months away from Disclosure taking over the world.


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