If I had told you there’s a truly inspirational video of a known figure in popular culture roaming around the Internet and that you absolutely had to watch it, the first person to come to mind would probably be DJ Khaled, right?

Good. Because it is Khaled, and he’s here to make sure you do shit today.

Feeling down in the dumps after a rough breakup? No worries, Khaled brings light to the bad situation.

Looking to do some home remodeling? Khaled lets you know that you can put the fuckin’ hinges in the hands.

Don’t want to work out? Get off your ass, Khaled says you can do it. And that’s exactly what I decided to do. I had no choice with his soothing words aiding me.

Of course, it included DJ Khaled’s famous “Another One,” over and over again. If you’ve been absent from life the past few months, then you probably don’t know that DJ Khaled has been spitting gospels via Snapchat like the second coming of the Messiah.

And while his Snap posts generally produce some sort of laugh, the Miami-based DJ has really outdone himself with ‘Wise Words.’

So I beg you, stop reading this blog post and start watching that damn video already. And always remember, DJ Khaled wants you to succeed.

That’s all you need.