Music and humans operate on the same wavelengths. We are all just balls of energy unbounded by physicality.

It’s all just particles and vibrations measured through frequencies.

Feelings are frequencies. And the way we tap into the frequencies that allow us to direct our energy how we want is through meditation.

Knowing this, you’ve got to tap into frequencies that are resourceful for being grounded, being focused, being centered. Use music to put your energy where it needs to be.

Energy is constantly moving in and out of you, and your expressions will take on the same characteristics.

We are not bound by skin and flesh. We are all born with a certain capacity to expand our ball of energy. Each ball of energy starts at different sizes due to circumstance. Those of you that have a large one may find it difficult to fit it into the confines of civilization.

Different frequencies create different versions of expression. Knocking on a wooden door. Whispering sweet nothings in someone’s ear. The annoying beep of a car horn. The babbling of a stream.

There’s a reason that animated people reach you at a visceral level. It’s because the things that touch you in a visceral way, in your body, that move you, are going to embed themselves into your consciousness.

And that is why music is so damn powerful.

Electronic Music In 2015: A Year In Review

Speaking of music, the following infographic from the team at RaveFaced takes you on a journey through the past twelve months in electronic music. 2015 was quite a year, so join us in celebrating the top albums, singles, remixes & music videos — as well as our picks for breakthrough artists, notable moments and more.

For the full interactive infographic, click here.


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